Post Op – D46

Day 46 post-op.

Dinner last night: chilli beef wraps


Rain: 6.25

Weigh Day:
Loss to date: 15.5kg

I’m thinking that from the day that I am 7 weeks post-op – which will be in another three days time – that I might move to weekly instead of daily blog posts.

What I am planning to do it to set an alarm for the end of each day, so that I remember to make notes on anything that has happened or that I have noticed throughout the day – that was wls related – so that each Monday I can write a full post reviewing the previous week.

The reason for this is that I feel like I am writing content that is more related to my life as a Homesteader / Farmer, rather than the wls content that this particular blog was initially aimed at.

And in keeping step with that…
Our garden-guy came today and bought his dad with him.
They got the majority of the paddock groves mulched so they have their warm lil blankies ready for the cool winter nights.

Lunch out at one of the Lake cafes today again with the mob from my previous workplace.
Figured I’d give it another go and see if it was any better.
Mostly because I really like the cafe that this meet-up is at! lol
It went fine – nothing earth shattering – nothing horrid…

My Dietician sent me through a really nice encouraging email this morning when I sent her my weigh-in day stats – so that was nice to read and take in.

As I am typing this, we’ve just had another heavy rain-shower but the sun has come out for just a short while, and the rainbow lorikeets are going absolutely nuts up in the big gum at the edge of our house yard.

They sound sooo incredibly happy up there – getting tipsy on the waning flower nectar…

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