Post Op – D45

Day 45 post-op.

Dinner last night: two tb carbonara.


Rain: 6.5

I planted some flowers in one of the merinos at the side of the big vegie garden this morning, and did the laundry a day early as there were some clothes I found yesterday while cleaning out the cupboards, that needed a good wash.

I’ve also been removing some plants from in front of our outdoor kitchen area, that are getting too big to still be in pots, and have actually grown through the bottom of the pot into the dirt below.
I even had to chop off a few of the bigger roots using a jigsaw!

I’m hoping that our garden guy might be able to plant one of the trees that I’ve ‘released’, providing it doesn’t die from having its roots hacked!

Something that I have noted in the last few days to a week:
I’m feeling hungry!
I’m getting that empty belly feeling – not the noisy growl type thing – just the hollow empty feel.

And to be honest, it scares me a little…
I know I can’t eat much right now, and that even if I try then I’ll quickly get to feeling sick – but I worry about how easy it is to rack up quite a lot of calories, on some very small amounts of food.

I guess the actual awareness of the macros of my food is a good thing in and of itself, but I feel like it could be very easy to either fall into the neurotics of hyper-tracking, or to flip totally to the other side and pretend that because I have a “tiny tummy”, I can ignore all those ‘little snacks’ and then wonder why the hell my weight is either still hanging around, or even (gawd forbid!) climbing.

As everyone says: – it’s a mindf*ck!

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