Post Op – D47

Day 47 post-op.

Dinner last night: home-made beef nachos.

Rain: 5.5

It rained pretty much all morning, so I decided to clean out all the canning jar supply boxes and cupboards.

Washed them all down, got rid of any damaged ones, and repacked everything neatly.

Then I decluttered the ‘tupperware’ box and shelf – which factually contains no actual tupperware – but does have all our food storage containers in, whether they be glass, silicone, stainless, bamboo or plastic.

Not too much to get rid of there apart from some broken chinese containers and their excess lids.

I try to keep a pretty close eye on not having too many new containers coming into the house, but I did get a few different sized bento type containers pre-op, so that I had storage options for when we go out post-op.

I do have a rather big crush on insulated cups, so that’s another area that I have to rein myself in at times; however I do use them for every single thing that I drink!

I developed a sore knee somewhere along the way yesterday and have no idea when it exactly started – or how – so I’ve been limping around a bit for the last 24hrs.
Hopefully it disappears as quickly as it came and I don’t end up having to go to the physio…

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