Post Op – D48

Day 48 post-op.

Dinner last night: meatballs

Rain: 5

I took my Wife out for breakfast this morning, and I managed to have two bites from her plate.
I had my own little piece of egg on top of bacon on top of sourdough.

It was quite nice and everything sat well.

We went to two nurseries for a wander and a look, but all the plant sellers have unusually feeble stock at the moment.

After that we went grocery shopping for a few top-up things.
Will do a bigger shop later in the week when hopefully they’ll have had their supply-loads come in.

Then it was back to home and a lunch snack of cheese and sliced turkey with three small rice crackers for me, but my Wife was still very full from breakfast; and she also had to go back out for a work appointment.

While she was gone I got about ¾ of the paddock mown, and ½ of the houseyard.

By that time she was back home again and she finished off the mowing for me while I did the whipper-snipping around the house-yard edges.

As the day winds down, we’re going to have showers and watch a bit of tele before cooking a very easy dinner of pies.

And that’s another weekend done & dusted!

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