Post Op – D44

Day 44 post-op.

Dinner last night: salmon w garlic mash– around ¼ cup.
5 sml ‘mouthfuls’.


Rain: 23

Our garden-guy came this morning but only lasted an hour because it was raining so heavily.

While he was here he did manage to get to lay down all of the cardboard boxes that we had collected over the weekend – around multiple groves of trees – ready for mulching when he next comes back.

I went into town to check if any of the hardware stores had a decent mulching fork, but of course they didn’t have any.

Cooked some more haloumi for lunch again today – it’s a good easy way of getting in protein – and in the small amounts that I can actually fit into my tummy, I’m getting almost 9g of protein.
Plus it’s tasty as I top it with Mingles ‘use me on everything’ seasoning.

I spent most of the afternoon going through the storage cupboards in the bathroom whilst listening to some favourite podcasts.

Pulling everything out, then wiping them all out with disinfectant, tossing a lot of old or expired stuff, and finding some things I could happily donate.

The Wife is getting carbonara for her midweek takeaway this evening, so I won’t be having much of any of that due to it being a bit of a nutritional wasteland for my current ‘diet’.

The rain has continued off and on today and I’m starting to get a little gloomy about it again, so I am hoping that the rumour that it’s going to clear up towards the end of the week is correct!

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