Post Op – D43

Day 43 post-op.

Dinner last night: Small piece of frittata


Rain: 2.5

Its been a full-on rainy day today, so I have been doing inside jobs like going through my wardrobe and sorting out what’s too big for me, and what I am never going to wear again, even if it does still fit.
All of it then going into a bag to go to Vinnies.

I’ve been doing some general decluttering as well, and our garden-guy is going to take some of the stuff that I don’t want and a few things I will probably put up on Facebook marketplace.

My friend from up the hill came and had a cuppa with me this morning.
I always love her visits. She makes me laugh and gives good hugs.

Cooked myself two small strips of Haloumi for lunch.
Could only manage one and a third, but had the remainder for afternoon tea.
Pretty delicious, easy to do and high in protein.

I had my zoom appointment with my Dietician which went fine as usual.
She is going to report to my Surgeon regarding some of my difficulties with ‘firmer’ types of food, as she is a bit worried that I am not “progressing at the usual rate” with adding in firmer foods, to see what he thinks is going on.

Personally, I’m not worried at all – but I’m also not the health professional in this matter – just the Client…

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