Post Op – D41

Day 41 post-op.

Dinner last night: two small piece of pesto chicken w cheese and crackers


Rain: 8.5

Out in the car after breakfast to scrounge around behind Harvey Norman for some nice big piece of cardboard to use as mulch on the tree groves in the paddock.
Scored some nice big boxes.

Did the dishes once we got home, and then made us both a coffee.
This is my once a week test-drive to try coffee and see if it ‘feels’ any better in my belly.

The thing is though, because I add protein powder [PP] to it, even if I’m not wildly enjoying it I feel obligated to keep on going or it’s a waste of the PP, and this makes it an even more expensive waste than just tossing out a cuppa.

I only managed to drink half of it.

We did a couple of dump runs, and then had a ‘picnic’ lunch of cheese, crackers, cold meats and gherkins, followed by a couple of episodes of the most enjoyable “Clarkesons Farm”, which always makes me laugh – a lot!

Weirdly enough, only about an hour into sitting on the couch, my left side started intermittently hurting again.
It almost feels like getting a nasty jabbing pregnancy-baby-kick, and I can actually feel something move within me.

Looking back in my ‘poop calendar’, I’m now wondering if it’s maybe something bowel related.
Something I’ll need to keep an eye on to see if that’s the cause.
I’ll check in again with the Surgeon if it becomes too bad again, but otherwise I don’t get to follow up with him until the Telehealth appointment on April 4th.

Tomorrow I’ve got a GP appointment to get more scripts.
I haven’t seen him since January, so it will be interesting to see if he notices any difference…

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