Post Op – D42

Day 42 post-op.

Dinner last night: I got super-brave!
I had a fish taco.
Well – sort of…
I had ⅛ of a keto wrap, and on it went:
a smear of sauce,
6 pieces of diced tomato
8 pieces of shredded cheese
And a 2.5cm piece of fish


Rain: 4.5

I managed to slowly eat the whole of my ‘taco’ and was pretty excited about that.
Felt like a grown-up having a ‘real’ meal!!

It also sat really well afterwards, so that was encouraging.

It seems really strange to know that last nights meal was approximately 1/16 at a minimum of what I would usually eat on a night that we had fish tacos.

Our garden-guy was going to come today but we woke to rain, and his parents only arrived for a visit yesterday, and his wife has the day off work, so the plan is that he’ll come on Wednesday instead.

I did some pruning out the front in the driveway this morning.
Got a trolley-full done, but my belly is back to being sore again today – so I’m taking it a bit easy in the garden.

Into town this afternoon for my GP appointment, and for some grocery shopping with my Wife.

The GP has heard nothing from my Surgeon at all!
Personally, I reckon that’s pretty crap performance on the Surgeons behalf, and frankly – quite disappointing…

I’m making a frittata for dinner tonight, so I’m going to try having a small piece of that.
Hopefully it goes well, cos I make a damn fiiiiiine frittata!

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