Post Op – D40

Day 40 post-op.

Dinner last night: usual, plus two small piece of pesto chicken.


Rain: 0

This morning, I went to the opening of the Wellness Centre at my old workplace.
I went with some friends of mine, one of whose Parents are residents at the facility.

The building seems quite nice and airy and bright, and it was nice to be able to walk through building that I was actually instrumental in bringing forth the vision for.

I saw half a dozen or so ex-colleagues – and for the most part that was quite nice.

I was feeling quite low energy when I got home, so I just did some web-work until my Wife got home from her morning appointments.

She bought home some KFC for her lunch, and I managed to eat half a wing.
Progress of sorts!

I also managed to eat two small pieces of pesto chicken from her dinner last night, and earlier in the week had some chicken luncheon meat that went down ok – so maybe chicken will be alright going forward.

I tried some ham and salami lunch meat as well through the week, but neither of those sat well.
I also felt like I couldn’t chew them up well enough to ‘fit’ in my tiny tummy.

After lunch we watched some tele as my Wife didn’t have another appointment until 3:30pm, and it wasn’t long after sitting down that I decided that I a nap was definitely in order.

I don’t usually nap through the day as I worry too much that I won’t be able to sleep at night – but today I was just sooo low on energy that I didn’t feel like I had much choice.
So nap I did!

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