Post Op – D39

Day 39 post-op.

Dinner last night: was going to be eggs but I accidentally put it too much milk so they were soup consistency, which I just couldn’t cope with – so I had the usual.
Protein dessert and custard.


Rain: 0

Its weigh day.
Loss to date: 14.55 kilograms.

Our garden-guy came for an hour this morning to dismiss up a job he started the other day.
He bought his daughter with him who was having the day off school, so she played with the toys she’d brought, while he did the work.
He did an hours worth of whipper-snipping, so that I could get in and do the poisoning down long the fence lines.

I got one planting of some beans done in the veggie garden this morning while the laundry was doing its thing, and got some compost and mulch spread around too.

Some parts around the Farm I have managed to get some spraying done, but the sprayer is leaking a bit, so I need to pull it apart to see if that can be stopped.

Finally my Surgeons Receptionist pulled through for me last night.
Very appreciated!

I am supposed to be going to my old workplace tomorrow with a friend for the opening of a new building, but right this minute I’m not wildly keen.

I’ll see how I feel about it all tomorrow…

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