Post Op – D38

Day 38 post-op.

Dinner last night: 1½ prawns in a garlic sauce.


Rain: 0

Another day of leaving home early, this time for an 8:30 dental appointment that I had almost forgotten about.

Even though my tooth is very wobbly, my dentist Peter very kindly popped a filling into the back of it to try and keep it hanging in there and being useful for a bit longer.

Still no refund from the Surgeon, so I’ve harassed his Receptionist again, and she’s said that she will get back onto him again this afternoon.

I spent a lot of money yesterday when I was in the city, so I do could do with a bit of income to help the finances along a bit….

I went to go and do some mowing yesterday afternoon and couldn’t get the new mower started.
It was throwing a low battery error code, and whist that didn’t make sense, we put the charger on it this morning.

My Wife checked and it was showing as full right before she went to work, so she tried starting it – but still no go – so she put the charger back on it for a while.

I checked it when I came home and it was reading is full, so I tried starting it again and still nothing.
I then turned every single button and lever off and on and off again and had another try, and it roared into life.


So I spent the next three hours mowing the paddock.

And thank gawd! I was stressing about it!

Once I’d come back inside and cooled down a bit, I started putting the new garden cart together, but it’s quite big and difficult to manoeuvre, so I’m going to wait until my Wife gets home for some help.

And now – I’m a lil bit tired…!

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