Post Op – D37

Day 37 post-op.

Dinner last night: processed chicken lunch-meat, cheese and crackers.


Rain: 0

I left home at 8:15 this morning and drove down to the city.

I kid you not – just as I pulled up at the Dieticians office – an email came in from her in response to the email that I had sent her yesterday; saying that she didn’t have any coffee shakes left and that I would have to wait for the next order to arrive.

Not gonna lie – this made me pretty damn cranky – she could have easily responded telling me this at any point throughout yesterday, and thus saved me the extra round trip of an hour on top of my already long trip.

I ended up leaving the two tubs of shakes with the Receptionist that I didn’t want, but have no actual proof that I did that – so that was a bit stupid of me!
When I asked the Receptionist for the lemon bars that I had also ordered, she told me there were none left.
Now I was doubly-pissed!!!

Last time I had googled for info a few months back, my Dietician was the only supplier of Formulite in the city, but a quick google whilst sitting back in the car on the off-chance that more sites had since been added, came up with gold!

A pharmacy that I actually knew the location of was apparently a stockist, so I gave them a call to see if they had any coffee in stock.
Sure enough, they had three lots.
Off I zoomed in my car to collect them.

Once that was done, it was another 30min drive back toward home to collect a new bigger garden cart from Bunnings.
After that I went to Lincraft to see if they had any material I liked to make curtains with.
They didn’t.

Then it was off to Specsavers to order some new glasses as I have somehow lost two sets recently, and my old prescription sunglasses give me a headache if I wear them for too long.

Once I had finished there, although I really wasn’t hungry – as I had drunk a protein shake on the drive down – I figured I had probably best put some actual food into my belly, so on the recommendation from another wls lady, I got a ‘meatball mozza pot’ from Subway.
It has about 5-6 meatballs in it, with a sprinkling of cheese over the top, and costs $4.75.
Looked like a good idea and size!

One and a half meatballs in – it was not a good idea.
I felt sick.
I waited another 15 minutes of just sitting in the car hoping it would pass, but when it didn’t I figured I’d just start the slow and steady drive home.

45 minute later, when I was about half way home, the hiccups began.
Thankfully only about 4 of them.
Within 20 minutes after that, I was feeling a whole lot better, and the rest of the drive passed without incident.

I got home about 2:15pm, having been gone for 6 hours.
The dogs were very happy to see me.

I went to do some mowing this afternoon, but it seems the battery is flat.
No bloody clue how, cos it sure wasn’t left on!

We’re going out to dinner tonight with our young friend from work, so it will be interesting to see how that pans out.

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