Post Op – D35

Day 35 post-op.

Dinner last night: the ‘usual’

Rain: 0.5

I went and visited with my Friend this morning and spent around an hour and a half there which was lovely way to spend some time.
It was a little bit awkward because I couldn’t drink much of the coffee that she made me and the drink that I had bought with me was overly warm and not at all enjoyable so I didn’t have much in the way of fluids while I was there.
I was absolutely wiped out by the time I was ready to come home – however I had to go and do some grocery shopping, though fortunately not too much.

After grocery shopping I came straight home had some crackers cheese and twiggy sticks for lunch.
Trying to aim for the protein hits!

I emailed the Surgeons Receptionist this morning to see if she could get him to do a hurry-up on my refund being and it’s now five weeks today since I had surgery and it still hasn’t been forthcoming.
She said she’d try to get him to do it today or tonight.
Fingers crossed!

I’ve organised a GP appointment for 20 March, but it clashed with my Dietician appointment so I’ve decided to change the Dietician appointment to the day after, as the GP here is much harder to get into at the moment, and I need to get more scripts written out.

My energy levels are so very up and down at moment that its driving me demented!
One minute I’m up-and-at-‘em and the next I’m yawning my head off and wanting to go and lie down for a nap; but fighting it like a demon because I’m too scared I won’t sleep at night if I give in to the exhaustion.

Its not related to any particular time of the day, or as far as I can work out – or to anything that I have had to eat or drink – so its not something that has any kind of predictable pattern.
And I’m not a big fan of the unpredictable – especially when it comes to how my body behaves! lol
Quite frustrating…

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