Post Op – D34

Day 34 post-op.

Dinner last night: jelly, cr rice and custard.


Breakfast this morning was one weetbix with a scoop of wpi and 125ml of milk.
I didn’t make it through all of the milk, but ate all of the weetbix.

Once I’d done the dishes, I went down the paddock to help my Wife who was loading up the ute with more rubbish so we could do some more dump runs.

My Dog was loving that she would get to go for dump-drives two days in a row!

We ended up doing 3 runs, and have now got the majority of the large bits of rubbish gone, there are just a few large pieces of metal that are a bit too heavy for us to wrangle when I’m not fully back on deck lifting-wise just yet..

It was then time for a shower before heading off for the 20min drive to our lunch date with our Friends, at one of the pubs in a nearby town.

We had looked at the menu yesterday and decided to get a pizza, which I could just pick pieces off a slice for me to eat, without it being too awkward and obvious that I wasn’t able to eat much at all.

It went ok and everyone enjoyed their meal, and I managed to have some meat, cheese and mushroom off the top of a slice of pizza.
The dough looked and smelt amazing, but I knew it would be sheer stupidity to try to eat some of it, and I wasn’t going to make that sort of mistake on my first ‘social’ outing!!

One of our Friends noticed that I had lost weight, and commented on the fact that my face especially was thinner.
I just said ‘thank-you’ and left it at that.

Neither of us felt like grocery shopping once lunch was done, so we came straight home and relaxed with a bit of mindless YouTube tele.

I have plans to go to a different Friends place in the morning for a cuppa and to drop off some excess vegie garden produce to her.
We only catch up about once a year, but both enjoy it when we do.
And each time we say we should do it more often – but we both get sidetracked by Life – so I guess this current routine works for each us…

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