Post Op – D32

Day 32 post-op.

Dinner last night: custard and vanilla rice

Rain: 2

Some pain came back late in the even yesterday, but has mostly gone again this morning.

I got a response late last night from the Surgeon, but it was very wishy-washy and to be honest not really of much help, nor confidence-inspiring.

Some friends of ours called this morning and want to do lunch on Sunday.
It will be our first food outing post-op, and I have noooo idea what the hell I am going to do about it, but I guess all I can do at this point is wing it and see what develops!

I’m quite low on energy the last few days – annoying.
Despite that, I decided that I would go and do a bit of gardening while the laundry was on.

I’m glad that I did, as it got me out into the sunshine for a while – which always gives me a hit of energy – but it also meant that I got to see that the plants that our garden-guy moved the other day, were no longer getting any morning sunshine, which is an important part of them hardening off before planting, so I spent an hour or so moving them and cleaning up some of the pots, and doing a dump-run with old unneeded potting stuff.

I’ve also whipper-snipped out the front where we come in from the carpark, as it was getting really ratty; and have done a bit inside the house yard to help the soggiest corner dry out a bit.

I tried having some croquettes for lunch.
Made it though 1½ and that was definitely more than enough.
I think I’ll just stick to my usual custard and creamed-rice for dinner…

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