Post Op – D31

Day 31 post-op.

Dinner last night: custard and vanilla rice

Rain: 9.5

I woke up with almost no pain this morning, which is a big relief.
I can only hope that this time it stays away for good!
I also managed to sleep better.
I still haven’t heard back from the Surgeon, so will resend the email this afternoon if I still haven’t heard anything from him by then.

I feel like my belly is quite bloated today, which I first noticed last night.
It will be interesting to see what the scales have to say tomorrow…

I don’t feel like I am eating / drinking much different at all, and the day that I did the tracking was a typical day, and it didn’t show anything that I felt like I needed to watch out for.
I haven’t done very much exercise in the last week though.
Even my incidental exercise has been down because of the amount of pain I’ve had for most of the week, so there is that to take into account…

I’ve had another quiet day today, but I went in and got some groceries around lunchtime, which included some pre-packed cheese and cracker snacks the I can take in the car with me if we go out somewhere and I’m not sure if there will be something I can eat.
I also want to be able to leave some non-refrigerated stuff in the car also, for ‘emergencies’.

I bought some strap on leg weights when I was in town, as my leg muscles are getting less of a work out than my upper body according to my Dieticians diagnosis, so I want to try and up the muscle on them a bit, to balance any wastage that might be inclined to occur.
Will see how I mange with them, and update you in a week or two!

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