Post Op – D30

Day 30 post-op.

Dinner last night: Savoury Mince

Rain: 5.5

I woke up this morning and I was back to having pain around my stomach area.
I didn’t have a good nights sleep either and was tossing and turning a lot, but that was from leg pain, not from stomach pain, so I’m feeling pretty crummy today…

If it continues on for much longer, I think I’m going to need to contact the surgeon to see what the cause might be.

I decided yesterday to log my consumption for the whole day to see how I was tracking.
Turns out I am doing better protein-wise than I thought I was, and yesterday I logged 81g of protein.

Our garden helper came for a couple of hours this morning and did some amazing work cleaning up some rubbish areas ready to take it to the dump.

Our garden-guy got a staggering amount of work done!
It’s a bonus to know that he enjoys his time working here as well.

I have just sent an email off to my Surgeon, including my world-class drawing of where the pain is, to get his opinion and recommendation – if it’s just ‘anchor suture’ pain, or something I need to get further investigation of.
Now – with fingers crossed – I await the reply…!

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