Post Op – D29

Day 29 post-op.

Dinner last night: satay rice custard, and a small cracker with soft cheese.

Rain: 19

The Dietician appointment yesterday afternoon was scheduled for 4:15pm, but she didn’t call through until 4:45pm – but she’s not usually late, so I’m not having a whinge.

We discussed moving onto soft foods and have come to the agreement that I will move ahead slowly as I feel that I’m able to.

In other good news, I’ve got some extra Formulite that my Wife didn’t use, that I’m not a fan of the flavour of, and that is unopened, and she is willing to swap two containers of those, for two containers of the coffee flavour; so I’m really pleased about that!

I think a big part of not eating much pureed foods is that sooo much effort goes into the preparation of it, for something that I can eat barely any of.
It annoys me and frankly I really can’t be bothered with it!

My tummy pains seem to have stopped again for the time being.
#thankful !

Yesterday I had made satay for my Wifes for dinner, so I decided to try a little of it.
I quickly realised that the chicken – once chewed down a bit- was very dry, so I decided to skip it and just have my regular custard with vanilla rice, and a small cracker with soft cheese.
It’s definitely not dry when mixed with pasta or rice, but on its own it’s quite noticeable.

This morning, I had some WeetBix with milk and whey protein and I had one whole WeetBix which sat well, so that’s an improvement.

I also decided this morning that I will start logging my foods again for a couple of days just to see how much protein I’m actually getting, because I think it’s somewhere between 50 and 70 – 70 being a really good day – but to be honest I’m not sure.

I went into town to buy some milk and while I was there, I got some fava bean snacks and they’re bloody ahhhmazinggg!!
Low carb, low fat, no sugar, decent fibre, high protein and super tasty!
Can’t beat that – and they come in different flavours.
Highly recommend.
I got mine from Woolies.

The sun came out for a while this afternoon, hoping it hangs around for a few days but the Met Bureau maps don’t look promising.
Our garden-guy is due tomorrow so it would be good if we could get a few hours of work in without rains.
Fingers crossed!

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