Post Op – D28

Day 28 post-op.

Dinner last night: creamed rice and custard.

Rain: 56

4 weeks since I sat in the pre-op waiting room, passing the time absently staring at a television screen.
I could not have told you what was on – for I wasn’t truely watching it.

A part of me was of course nervous, but the majority of me was so very certain about what I was on my way to doing.
I was sitting there feeling like I had made the absolute right decision, and that I was on my way to saving my very own life.

Interestingly – yesterday our Son was asking me how the post-op recovery was going, and also how much weight I had lost.
I don’t think he was expecting quite as much as my answer was, and he said to me: “It must be about 5 years or so since you’ve been that weight isn’t it?”
I thought back – and yes – he was correct – it was almost exactly 5 years!

A ridiculous amount of rain again overnight.
Instantly back to being quagmire territory around our Farm.

This morning we took our bus to the new mechanic who was willing to check it out for us, prior to us having to send it back down the hill as its still under warranty.
It’s interesting that he has already called to tell us that he found out the codes for what has been going on with it, and so we will at least have some ammunition to go to the warranty service centre with.

Our new garden-helper was gong to be coming today and I would have postponed him but he messaged me first.
His kids are sick and he would need to be home with them.
Worked out well for both of us.

I got the laundry done this morning including the sheets we changed yesterday.
Thank goodness we’ve had a dryer over the last three months, that’s for sure!

I have my rescheduled appointment with my Dietician this afternoon, as Im due to move on to ‘soft foods’ as of today.

Yesterday the pain in my upper left quadrant came back.
It got worse as the afternoon rolled on, but started to ease a bit as we moved into evening.
We did notice though, that when the pain is at its worst, I dont seem to burp much at all.
When the pain is non-existent, I burp repeatedly like a beer-filled bogan.
Something worth talking to the Surgeon about I think…

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