Post Op – D27

Day 27 post-op.

Dinner last night: Strigidae Soup

Rain: 0.5

It’s rained on and off for most of the day, so we’ve had another mostly quiet day, although we did go into town this morning to buy a new cat-tree as the old one was about to come crashing down, and we’ve done as many repairs on it as we can.
We also did some grocery shopping, and checked out where we have to drop the bus off tomorrow.

My pains came back this afternoon, and a part of me is wondering if it’s from sitting on the couch.
Will have to be more mindful of what I have been doing in the lead up to it, if it happens again.

I did try and help my Wife turn our mattress around earlier in the day, because I’ve been getting sore hips overnight; but I wasn’t managing it very well, so she did the majority of it.

When I was having a shower and washing my hair,the Darling Woman remade the bed without me as a surprise!
Realllllly appreciative!
I couldn’t have managed to help – my side / tum is hurting too much right now…

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