Post Op – D26

Day 26 post-op.

Dinner last night: creamed rice and custard.

Rain: 0

I’ve had a quiet day today after what ended up being a fairly busy day yesterday.

I’ve cooked some chook food, done a bit of poisoning around the houseyard, read some, and watch a bit of tele.

When my Wife came home for lunch, I joined her and had a cruskit with half peanut butter and half vegemite.
It was tasty enough but not really wildly satisfying – other than the crunch factor – and held minimal nutrition.

This afternoon I had a small wedge of soft cheese with a soft cracker, and it didn’t sit well.
I didn’t think it was too soon after lunch, as it was about 3hrs, but it sat very heavy for quite a while.

My chest hurts and gets very tight – like right before you hiccup, or if you swallowed something that was too big – and my mouth start producing mega amounts of saliva when I’ve overeaten, or I’m about to get the foamies; it’s a very odd and not pleasant feeling.

The thing is though, it’s very easy to have even just one teaspoon too much, because you don’t get the full sensation until 15-20 minutes after you take your first mouthful.

I think it something that is going to take a lot of trial and error to learn how to navigate…

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