Post Op – D25

Day 25 post-op.

Dinner last night: lemon mousse

Rain: 0

Its weigh day.
Loss to date: 13.3 kilograms.

Our Daughter left this morning, heading to a friends place for a couple of days before she heads back home and starts her new job in mid-March.

My Dietician appointment was supposed to be this afternoon, but I got a text message yesterday afternoon saying that they would need to reschedule so I called them and I have rescheduled for Monday afternoon.

I haven’t yet heard back from the hospital about the refund, but I’m hoping that I get some good news about that soon.

Today was the day for making some more laundry liquid.
I’ve been making my own for about six or seven years now because it’s so much cheaper than buying from the store.
For 20L it ends up costing me about 50c.

Also today – I’ve got about ⅔ of the paddock mowed, done the laundry; and have managed to get the front of our lil home and the paved area blown off, so I’m feeling like I’ve accomplished a few decent jobs!

I also went and filled up the fuel drums, but they’re too heavy for me to be able to get out of the car just yet so I’ll need to wait until my Wife gets home and get her to do it for me.

I haven’t had any tummy pain for the last few days, which is encouraging.
Still finding a lot of things difficult to eat, and still focusing more on hydration than nutrition, especially with the last couple of hot days that has meant some extra sweating.

I am due to start soft foods on Monday.
This means that I can slowly introduce foods with a little more texture.
Foods will no longer need to be puréed, but they must be soft and moist.

The purpose of the soft food diet is to ease my stomach into digesting real, whole foods.
Soft foods are foods that can be cut with a fork and easily form a purée consistency when chewed.

Soft food is more solid than puréed food but still easy to digest.
It is another stepping stone toward eating a normal diet after my surgery.
This stage of the reintroduction to eating also lasts for two weeks, the same as the liquids and purée stages did.

It will be nice to at least have food on my plate that looks like food, even if I can’t get through much of it..

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