Post Op – D24

Day 24 post-op.

Dinner last night: soup

Rain: 0

Our Daughter arrived just after lunchtime yesterday, and she and my Wife ended up having pizza and pasta for dinner.
It smelled awesome!

A trip to town this morning to buy the milk frother.
Have yet to test drive it as it charging, but I had a little play with it with some water before I put it on the charger and it seems to work pretty alright – and has three speeds!

Got some more seedlings and a loganberry while we were in town too, and we did some weeding and planted those when we got home.

I got a wonderful surprise email from the Hospital today, asking for my bank details so that they could refund me some money!!
I have no idea how much it will be – but any refund is a good refund!!!

I managed to get the ride-on into the houseyard today, and while it’s made some tracks, I at least got the grass down to a manageable level which is awesome as the rain is due to come back tomorrow.

I also got around the laundry and all the way down to the chook pen mown, so am very pleased with that.

While I was doing the mowing, our Daughter cleaned the solar panels on the bus for me.
I’m never a big fan of climbing the ladder and doing that, which I like to try and do at least monthly.

We’ve decided that we’re going to have a bit of couch-time for the rest of the day, and rewatch 1883 as our Daughter hasn’t seen it yet, and we absolutely loved it.

It’ll be some nice girly time!

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