Post Op – D23

Day 23 post-op.

Dinner last night: custard and creamed rice

Rain: 2

Glory be!
We actually got some SUNSHINE today!!!
Rumour has it that there may be more tomorrow, but apparently the rain will be back come Saturday…

I went into town early this morning to pick up a grocery order as our eldest Daughter is coming today to stay for two nights, which is pretty exciting as we haven’t seen her for about 11 months.

When I got home I alternated between mopping the floors inside – or at least trying to – to get some of the mud up, and whippersnipping the grass from outside the doors of our house, so that those areas might hopefully dry out a little quicker while the sunshine is out.

If we get really lucky in the sun hangs in for the entire day, I might even be able to get the ride on mower into the house yard.

After reading a post in an online forum yesterday, I’ve decided to invest in a $19 milk frother as I’ve read that they are very good for mixing protein powder into drinks, and I figure anything that makes that chore a little easier, I’ll be happy with.

I‘ve moved our new windchimes to a place where I hope they’ll get a little more breeze, but they’ve been there for around two hours now, and I still haven’t heard them, so maybe I’ll have to move them again.

I have been hoping to get down into the veggie garden again this morning, but time got away with me when I was doing the mopping and snipping so that hasn’t happened.

My Surgeons office called this afternoon as apparently they had heard that I was not at all happy with my hospital experience, so they were calling to get clarification on what had happened with me.
I went through it all again, and could hear she was typing notes which she said she would be sending through to the Doctor.
It will be neresting to see if he has anything to say about it when we next speak.
Though I did not have an issue with his part of my experience.

Since I had my surgery, Wednesday nights have become takeaway nights for my Wife, so we figured we’ll keep going with ‘tradition’ and tonight she and our Daughter will have takeaway.
They’ll probably have the usual butter chicken is my guess, or pizza and pasta.

I’ll have some soup…

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