Post Op – D22

Day 22 post-op.

Dinner last night: puréed cottage pie

Rain: 5.5

I got an email back from my Dietician today, asking questions about the pain that I’ve been having.
She also explained a few things that it could be from, but I’m talking to her on Friday so I’ll see how it is by then.
It’s been really good today and not hurting.
She also stated that I need to worry about hydration more than I need to worry about food which was what I had figured so I’m glad that I was on the right track.

I got a phone call from the Nurse Unit Manager at the Hospital that I had my surgery at this morning regarding my feedback and complaint regarding my care whilst I was in the Hospital.
We spoke for almost 10 minutes with me giving feedback on all part of the services that I received – or did not receive in this case – the lack of follow-up, the lack of care and the general vulnerability I felt during the entire time that I was there…

She also said that she would speak to the staff members involved.
She was very empathetic and I felt heard.
Can’t ask for much more than that!

MG (the guy who we’ve been talking to about doing a work trial) came over this morning to work for a couple of hours around the farm.
He got a great lot of work done in a small amount of time, and I was really pleased with not only his work ethic, but his attitude to it, and enjoyment of it.
I definitely want him to be coming back more, and it seems he’s keen too.

I got a whiteboard to put out in the shipping container so that we can use it to make a ‘fantasy list’ of everything we’d like to get done around the Farm, that way we can both refer to it when we’re a bit brain-drained.

While he was doing his stuff, I worked out in the vegie garden as well, and got a pile of weeding done, spread some compost over the fresh beds, and planted some radish.
My wife is bringing home some more mulch for me, so hopefully I can get some of that done tomorrow.

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