Post Op – D21

Day 21 post-op.

Dinner last night: yoghurt and custard

Rain: 7

Today I am three weeks post op.
I still feel like I am getting a little better ever day.

At this point though, I can not see far enough ahead to imagine how I will possibly be able to go out to dinner anytime in the foreseeable future…

I went into town and got some mushroom compost for the veggie garden this morning, then managed to tip it out of the car and into the garden trolley so that I didn’t have to carry the bags.
After that I planted some beetroots in the veggie garden and then of course the rains came back in.

My Wife and I were talking last night and we both know that I need to try and eat more ‘real food’ type foods rather than just relying on soups custard, yoghurts and deserts; so with that in mind I made a scrambled egg for lunch.

This was my first test drive of scrambled egg.
I had just one egg with about a teaspoon of cottage cheese added to it to keep it soft as I’m still in the purée stage of things.

It’s now 27 minutes since I ate it, and I have felt sick now for about 20 of those minutes, and have the foamies baaaad.

I’ve been walking around the house to try and help move it on through, but my chest is feeling so tight and I’m really wanting to bring it back up, but am working hard on not doing so.

This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.

It took the better part of two hours and two long walks to the end and back of our rural driveway, for me to not feel sick, and to be able to have something to drink.
I don’t think I’m very keen to have another scrambled egg any time soon… ?

In good news though, I did manage to get back down to the vegetable garden this afternoon, and planted out some capsicum and tomato seedlings, and spread and covered some mushroom compost.

We even got to have a little bit of sunshine there for a while!!

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