Post Op – D20

Day 20 post-op.

Dinner last night: salmon and mash

Rain: 12

Since Wednesday of last week I have had odd pain under my left rib-cage.
its a cross between a deep ache and a pulling sensation.
But at times also feels like something in there is moving around in a way that it just plain shouldn’t!

It started Wednesday evening after dinner, and I just thought I must have been sitting in an odd position on the couch, but when I tried to get up, it hurt even more.

It continued throughout Thursday and on into Friday, with varying degrees of intensity.
I feel like it was worse after I ate a ‘heavier’ meal, and also seemed to be aggravated by sitting on softer surfaces like the couch or bed.
Maybe because I don’t sit as upright in those locations as I do when at the dining room table where I mostly sit when working, reading, eating, chatting, writing etc.

Today though, I think it finally might have moved on.
Fingers crossed!!

I’m still preferring to eat/drink mostly soup.
Asian Laksa (strained) with fibre and protein powder added is my preferred beverage.

And I still haven’t been able to drink coffee in the morning, but it’s been about a week since I last tried, so I might give it another go tmorrow morning when I get up.

We went grocery shopping before lunch today, so we got my super special takeaway lunch of kfc mash and gravy again.

Still raining.
Still pissing me off – but at least today so far I’m not feeling sick and/or sorry for myself toooooo much lol.

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