Post Op – D10

Day 10 post-op.

Dinner last night: thinned mash w butter chicken sauce.


Rain: 51

Double digits away from surgery day folks!

The rains came back in yesterday afternoon and frankly I really feel like I could do without it – on the other hand though, I guess I need to be grateful that at it keeps me inside for at least a few days longer and stops me from wanting to push myself to get the things on Farm back to where they need to be – well … back to where I like them to be anyway!! ?

We were so incredibly lucky to get the garden-guy through yesterday before this last round came through though!

Today it has been storming almost non-stop apart from a two hour break mid-afternoon, but it’s now started raining again.

When my Wife went to work this morning there was a huge dam out in the paddock where the mower guy had been only yesterday.

Last night, I pushed my tummy that little bit too far…

I decided that as my Wife was having our favourite take-away of butter chicken for dinner, I would have some thinned mashed potato and use a little bit of the strained butter chicken juice to add to it and have that for dinner.
I only got a couple of teaspoons in, and was definitely done.
It also didn’t taste exactly how I had hoped that it would.
It tasted like disappointment.

Probably an hour later, my Wife was going to have some chocolate mousse and so I also served myself a little bit – because it’s just so damn delicious!!
I think I only managed about 2 teaspoons before I decided it was not gonna be a good plan for me to go any further…

Within 10 minutes, I could feeeeel the gurgles in my belly, heading down into my intestines and decided that a trip to the toilet and a quiet ‘sit and read’ might be a good plan.

Five minutes in, the heat rush came.
My mouth filled with copious amounts of saliva.
I somehow knew that if I swallowed that saliva – I was going to vomit like no tomorrow.

These days I keep a vomit bag in the bathroom, so I was lucky that I was able to just empty the saliva straight out of my mouth into the bag, and keep deep breathing for a few minutes, until the burning desire to vomit passed.

I did end up with slightly loose bowel motions, but the fact that I manage to curtail a vomit … I was pretty darn pleased with!

Last night I took half a sleep tablet as I just wanted to get some solid sleep and of course that was the night that my Wife ended up having a difficult time sleeping – so was up with the animals and having cups of tea and such.
I tried to just rest and keep sleeping.

I’ve had some computer work to get done today, as most of the work that I pre-did prior to surgery has now been scheduled and used, so it’s time to generate some more.
Slowly does it though.

Date with the Dietician tomorrow – oh – and weigh day!

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