Post Op – D11

Day 11 post-op.
W: 90.80

Dinner last night: custard & jelly


Rain: 45

Day 11 post op.
Dietician appt at 1.
Number of kilograms lost as of this morning – 11.1
Yep – I’m a numbers nerd – this struck me in the feeeeels big-time!
Allllll the ones!

I was heading outside through our sliding glass doors this morning, and looked down so that I didn’t trip, as I went to step out.
The only thing I could see were my boobs, the rail of the sliding door, and the step.

This is not usual.

What I can usually see, is my boobs, my stomach sticking out past my boobs and then I have to lean over to be able to see and locate that little step, so I don’t trip and stumble on it.

My shape is definitely changing for the better!! ?

Yesterday I had one of those (duh!) revelation moments.
I was frittering about in the pantry re-organising some stuff when I realised that I still had a pile of Kicstart soups from pre-op which are – who would have thought – full of protein!
Good grief… so I had one for afternoon tea.
I could have been using these the whole time! ?

This afternoon I had my Telehealth appointment with the Dietician and it went really well.
She has given me the all clear to progress onto Purée when I feel that I am ready and able.
I feel that she trusts in my decisions to care for my body and listen to it well – and only move forward if I believe that it is the right time.

She was very empathetic having had somewhat heard of my in-hospital plight from another one of her clients who was in at the same time as I.
Needless to say – I did not have the text-book hospital experience! ?

Joy upon joy!!
The clouds didn’t actually part this morning, but it did stop raining for almost an hour when I went out to do the laundry, so I got to go out walking amongst our vegetable gardens after I put the first load in.

I had on my big purple flower-powered Wellington boots and just felt so overwhelmed with wild damn stoopid happy – that I cried.
Cleansing tears of joy and gratitude…

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