Post Op – D9

Day 9 post-op.

Dinner last night: custard and jelly, and a late soup


Rain: 0

I didn’t hydrate well at all yesterday…
I wasn’t wildly dehydrated, but my body certainly could have used more than it had – which was why I ended up having a soup at about 8:30 pm last night.

The last couple of nights I found it really quite difficult to drop off to sleep.
I have been making a point of not sleeping through the day so that’s not compounding the issue, but for some reason when I lie down at night I suddenly feel energised, and like I should be up doing things.
Gawd knows why!

Other things I’ve noted:
– I think my regular tastes are starting to improve  and return to normal somewhat.
While smells still often hit me fair in the gut and gag-reflex, they’re not as bad or as stupidly inappropriate as they were to start with.
– I’m noticing that when I sit down my stomach has an extra roll.
This is not a bad thing!
My stomach was soooo biiiig and round at one point, that it was just one big, huge mound of blubber.
There was no room for rolls!
Now that I’m losing weight, rolls are appearing … so that’s how I know I’m losing weight.

Unlike other people, I refuse to jump on the scales on the daily.
I will be weighing once a week on a Friday, and not at any other time outside of that.

Our Farm has quickly become overgrown being that it’s almost 3 weeks since I’ve been able to give it any full-on care.
Last night my darling Wife organised for someone to come and mow and snip for me.
He turned up early, and kept right on working when the rains came in, and kept at it through the squalls until he was as done as he was able to be.
I’m super impressed by him.
Thank you for being a knight in dripping king-gees Leighton!!

I also put an Ad up on a couple of fb groups today for a garden helper for a couple of hours a week – hopefully I can find somebody at least until I’m back in full swing into the garden.
I have a lead on one guy whose wife contacted me and I’m hoping to meet him on Friday, because he sounds absolutely perfect!

Random question for the day:
Has my dog noticed I’m losing weight?


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