PO – Week 22/23

Monday – muesli and yoghurt
Tuesday – soup
Wednesday – soup
Thursday – swamp food
Friday – pizza
Saturday – macaroni cheese and meatballs
Sunday – burrito

Monday – Frittata
Tuesday – Spag Big
Wednesday – Calamari
Thursday – Enchilada
Friday – Mexi and mash
Saturday – Crumbed Steak
Sunday – Chicken and veg soup

Monday – Slept poorly overnight.
Spent 6hrs by the bedside of my stepdad, then headed back to my brothers place to eat, shower and sleep some.
Did some writing in the afternoon, washed dishes, and then just spent time with my brother and his wife in the evening.

Tuesday – another night if not a lot of sleep…
11 hours by Dads bedside.
Back to my brother: ate, changed and watched some tele.

Wednesday – Dad died last night.Cleared out his room.
Then to my brother and sister in laws place, Unpacked the car, helped with some farm chores.

Thursday – into town early to do some grocery shopping.
Cooked dinner
I leave tomorrow.

Friday – long day travelling.
Foamies at dinner
Jetstar issues – delayed flight, no food.
So bloody glad to get into my own bed!

Saturday – slept like a proverbial log.
Needed it badly.
Grocery shopped, post office, Big W, laundry, Jetstar complaint.

Sunday – bought a new toaster.
Power off all day.
Lots of rain, high winds, and cold.
Finally tried a FroPro burrito for dinner – well half a one – and the taste was quite good, but the wrap got very hard and rubbery very quickly. Will try the other half tomorrow for lunch, and will keep it wrapped in the plastic while I eat it and see if that helps.

Monday – big day with lots of chores.
The burrito was lots better when I kept it wrapped int he plastic as I ate it.
Frittata tonight.

Tuesday – public holiday for show day.
Pretty much a wasted day of getting not much done…

Wednesday – got the entire pantry decluttered and wipes out today and feel a lot better for it.
Had some Coles chocolate pudding for a snack today – won’t do that again any time soon…
3 x diarrhoea.
Thank goodness I didn’t have to go out!

Thursday – busy day.
House chores and some repotting.
Cleaned the dining room glass doors in and out.

Friday – groceries, post office, laundry, canning.
Still raining.
Weigh-in day.

Saturday – it’s just been another slow rainy day…
Collected and set up new laptop.

Sunday – out for a drive in the bus.
Ate at the museum – I had ½ a ham and cheese toastie.
Unpacked the bus.
Ended up with the foamies in the afternoon, from having some potato chips too close to lunch.
Stupid mistake….but a darn fine reminder that junk-food is shit for my body!

Weight-loss to date: 25.5 kg

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