PO – 6mths plus

Time flies when you’re living Life!!

This is a brief rundown of the last month, which has been a super-busy season of life…

Monday – Herb and pumpkin soup with tortellini
Tuesday – Chicken burrito
Wednesday – Pesto chicken
Thursday – Macaroni and chicken kebab
Friday – Pies
Saturday – Scrambled eggs
Sunday – Chicken veg mornay

Monday – curry on toast
Tuesday – fish
Wednesday – bits of my wifes Thai takeaway
Thursday – swamp food
Friday – revamped swamp food
Saturday – pizza
Sunday – overcooked fish at the surf club

Monday – Uber eats noodles
Tuesday – Kale, quinoa and chicken soup
Wednesday – Kale, quinoa and chicken soup
Thursday – Kale, quinoa and chicken soup
Friday – Pea & ham soup
Saturday – Nachos
Sunday – Bacon and eggs

Monday – crumbed steak and tomato
Tuesday – loaded potato
Wednesday – frittata
Thursday – dinner out: fish
Friday – soup
Saturday – meat pie
Sunday – homemade soup
Sunday – soup

Monday – went to town, then back home to do some writing and laundry.
The sun came out for a while but still quite cold and windy.
Booked flights to go back down for the funeral.
Leave next Thursday morning.

Tuesday – in to town to pick up a carton of Formulite and another parcel.
Pack for an overnighter in the city tomorrow.
It’s a fiasco when you need to pack all the protein powders shakers and cups etc!

Wednesday – down to the city, dropped off car then went to motel.
Thankfully the room had a microwave, so I could buy something for dinner and be able to heat it up!
This was the first time I has seen (and had time to examine) my body in a full length mirror.
It was interesting to see the changes that have occurred, and where they are most noticeable when I don’t have clothes on!
I bought some shit food when I was grocery shopping for dinner – and it made me feel like shit – but the twisties were delicious and crunchy lol.

Thursday – Collected the car and drove home, stopping at the auto elecs on the way.
Once home, I did dishes, unpacked, sorted out something for dinner, then mowed and whipper-snipped the house yard and cleaned up the aisle-ways in the big vege garden.

Friday – cooked dog food.
Went out for lunch with my friend Louise. I got a ham and cheese toastie, but the cheese ended up being cream cheese – gross!
Spent the afternoon, tidying up and doing some chores around the house and repotting an indoor plant, while listening to podcasts.

Saturday – electricity off 830am – 1pm.
Sat in the sun and read and soaked it alllll in!
Pulled everything out of our crockery storage shelves and wiped it all down.

Sunday – drove down the hill to see our youngest son whom we haven’t seen for around two years. He was flying in and had a two hour layover, so we spent time with him at the airport.

Monday – busy day.
Grocery shop, put the mattress back into the bus and made the bed, changed the sheets in our daily bed, and washed the dogs blanket.
Talked to my sister about the details of Friday’s funeral for my Step-Dad, and ashes scatterings of he and my Mother.

Tuesday – garden guy came today and we did a big clean out of the shipping container.
We went out to dinner at the international club with our young friend C for dinner, and has some lovely fish.

Wednesday – we woke up to torrential rain this morning, so decided that we will go down to the city and stay overnight as we have the early morning flight.
Spent the day getting the last of the laundry done, house cleaned, csr vacuumed, the cats organised, bags packed, and dietary requirements sorted.
Dropped the dogs at the kennel and drove to the city.
Takeaway Thai restaurant dinner: fish-cakes, spring rolls and some satay chicken. Underwhelming.

Thursday: a spectacularly craptastic night of sleep!
Off to the airport early, where we had breakfast.
I had a bit of my wife’s bacon and egg muffin on a Turkish roll, but within 5mins I had seriously bad foamies and knew it was going to come back up – so headed off to the airport loo – and sure enough, as soon as I got into the cubicle, up it came!

The flight went well, and again it’s good to be on a plane with a lot less weight around my middle – I can actually put my tray table down these days!!
I cooked ‘Swamp Food’ for dinner.

Friday – best sleep I’ve had in a week or so.
Funeral and Ashes spreading day.
The service was very lovely, and tears were shed a number of times.
Went to Noosa Heads lookout to sprinkles the ashes of both Parentals, to reunite them together one final time for eternity.

Saturday – woke up to a gorgeous morning with mist spilling into the valley – so picturesque it almost made me weep! Lots of photos taken.
We left around 9am and drove to the Gold Coast.
Quiet afternoon catching up on some work and such.
Ordered a pizza to be delivered for dinner.

Sunday – went and had a look around Pacific Fair, and then went to Carara Markets.
Walked to the Surf Club for dinner.
Protein intake and fluids has been piss-poor today.

Monday – SeaWorld for the day, returned hire car after.
Uber eats from noodle box. Home tomorrow – early flight.

Tuesday – early rise at 345am, a cuppa and then off to the airport.
Flight was good. Collected our car.
Picked up the dogs from the kennels later in the afternoon, got bags unpacked.
Easy dinner.

Wednesday – another early start – took a friend down to the city.
Got home mid-afternoon – not much got done around the house, except dishes and laundry.

Thursday – spent a day at home doing the last of the laundry and general housework that hasn’t got done in the last few days with us being away etc.
Wildly cold and windy – rain is still ongoing.

Friday – another day of cold wind and incessant rain. It’s getting me down some…
Woke up with a sore throat.
Collected grocery order, went to the nursery, and made some dog food.
Finally remembered (after breakfast!) to weigh in and I’m now under 75kg, with a loss of a whisker under 27kg.

Saturday – My nose is running like a tap, but thankfully my throat isn’t nearly as sore. Broken sleep last night.
A few hours of sunshine, but the wind was still bitterly cold and gusting.
Ducked in to town to collect some tissues and lozenges.

Sunday – went out for breakfast and it was an absolute shit show.
Rain in the afternoon so we watch telly, played a few games, read some, did a bit of computer work – just generally bludged around.

Monday – it’s hard to believe that it was only a week ago that we are at Seaworld!!
The rain is still here, as is the cold and wind, but we’ve had some intermittent blasts of sunshine.
Did laundry and a deep clean vacuum.

Tuesday – took the bus for a run to one of the nearby towns.
Wandered through one of my favourite hippy shops, then went to a nearby cafe and had a ¼ of a lemon tart.
I took the rest home for my love to have for her afternoon tea.
Made some dog food, and cooked up chilli beef to go with our garlic smash.

Wednesday – another day of the weather not playing nice.
Built shelves for in the shipping container
My friend Lou came for a visit today. I’ll be going to her place next week sometime.
Trying to find drinks with low sugar and decent protein is blooody difficult!
It was soooo much easier when I could just drink water!!!!
(feel free to drop a recommendation if you know of any)

Thursday – we had no internet all day.
Mowed the houseyard and about ¼ of the paddock.
The sun even came out for a couple of hours!
Went out for dinner and I had a bit of my Wifes grilled fish, 3 chips and ½ a prawn, but before we even left the venue I had my first vomit, had another one just as we got home, and three more after that.
Felt like dinner was stuck in my throat even after the vomits – which I guess is a side effect of the hiatus hernia.

Friday – we expected clearing showers – but instead got shitful freezing rain.
Our garden guy came over for a catch-up.
Did laundry. Got a few weeds pulled in between squalls.
Quiet day for the post part.

Saturday – some sunshine in the morning – didn’t last long though – and the rain and cold came back in.
Watched [online] our son in the Nationals Weightlifting Competition.
He ended up taking out 11 National records, and two World records.

Sunday – sun again this morning! Soooo happy.
Did weeding and pruning.
 Harvested cabbages and yačon.

Weightloss to date: 27.6kg.


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