PO – Week 20/21

Week 19 and 20 post-op.

Dinners in the last 2 weeks:

Monday – Macaroni and meatballs
Tuesday – Coral Trout and Vegetable Stirfry
Wednesday – out for dinner
Thursday – pie mince
Friday – vegetarian mexi
Saturday – chicken and green bean curry
Sunday – yoghurt & mueslie

Monday – chicken, kale & quinoa bowl
Tuesday – tomato stoup
Wednesday – Hill Pizza
Thursday – Salad
Friday – Ribs & Mash
Saturday – Ham and Eggs
Sunday – Chicken and Veg soup

Monday – Busy day!
Grocery shopped and then spent the majority of the day working out in the garden.

Tuesday – spent an hour or so looking through kindle books this morning, finding samples of books I might like to read, so that I can go through them later and see what I like.
Carpeted another panel of the bus ceiling.

Wednesday – spent the morning trolling through all our towns hardwares stores looking for something to fashion a vent cover out of.
With some drilling and cutting, I have it sorted!
went out for dinner with a friend and I had a bit of the fish and chicken off my wife’s plate – underwhelming.
Had some yogurt and muesli when I got home.

Thursday – early trip to town to go get food for the animals, some sawdust, go to bunnings for some heavy duty velcro, and to supercheap to pick up an online order and then back home.

Did the laundry and started the paddock now.

Garden-guy came and put in the posts for the new houseyard fence.

Installed the vent covers in the bus.

Cooked animal food.

Friday – garden guy came back and did the majority of the fence today but I had measured incorrectly so we didn’t have enough pickets.
Totally my fault!

Mowed the rest of the paddock, and then the houseyard.
Weeded and pruned some of the beds in the houseyard.

My wife picked up her new car today, and took me for a spin in it when she got home.

Saturday – quiet day vacuuming, doing some computer work, cleaning, reading and watching youtube.

Sunday – up and out of the house early taking Noah for a drive to mareeba to get some groceries and hardware.
On the way back home we went via the lake and had lunch.

The food truck kindly made me just a burger patty with sauce and it was delicious!!

I was going to have a sausage roll with my Wife for dinner, but the texture was funky so ended up having my failsafe yoghurt and muesli.

Monday – the usual busy start to the week.
Grocery shopping, cooking, laundry and cleaning out some of the old stock from the pantry.

Tuesday – cleaned out the pantry.
Garden guy came back and put the last 6 palings on the fence.

Wednesday – got some social media posts scheduled for the next month, and then spent most of the day writing.
Went up to the lookout to have pizza for dinner.

Thursday – went to the local Community Health Centre to have our Covid Immunisation Booster, then took my Wife for a coffee.
After that I went and got food for the cats and dogs, and cooked it when I got home.

I also baked a banana cake.

Friday – forgot it was weigh-day so will need to try and remember to do it tomorrow.

Slow cooked some ribs.
Googled flights to Brisbane as my stepdad is deteriorating.
Did the laundry.
Changed the sheets.

Saturday – packed my bag to fly south, did the laundry and sorted out what needs doing while I’m away.

Sunday – flew to GC today, and then drove to north coast to stay with my brother.
Tomorrow I will go see my stepdad.

It’s been a big day.

It will be interesting to see what the next week brings!

Weight-loss to date: 24.25 kg

Time to be back with your loving Wife… – travel safe fella x


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