PO – Week 18/19

Week 18 and 19 post-op.

Dinners in the last 2 weeks:

Monday – rolled chicken roast and mash
Tuesday – enchiladas
Wednesday – takeaway chinese
Thursday – satay
Friday – soup & tortalini
Saturday –
Sunday – pie top and mince

Monday – crumbed steak w tomato
Tuesday – Nacho Smash
Wednesday – Chinese takeaway
Thursday – Coles: chicken, kale and quinoa bowl
Friday – Stoup
Saturday – Stoup leftovers
Sunday – Coral trout and mash


Rain in the last 2 weeks: 26.2 mm

Monday – I woke up sick and feeling very sorry for myself this morning with a sore throat and a very raspy voice spent most of the morning in bed full of Panadol felt mildly better in the afternoon so I got a bit of inside work done but none of the usual Monday chores other than the dishes.

Tuesday – drove to one of the nearby towns today to drop off some tamarillo to a friend.
Had a look at the hippy-shit shop that I love while I was there, but they didn’t have any jackets that I liked – they were all too heavy – so when I got back to our town I went to big W to have a look at their jackets.
Did find one I liked, but it was in an 18 and as it turns out I’m now 16 – in those jackets anyway!!

I bought the 18 because I really like the loose fit of it and it’s lightweight but warm, and I’ve also ordered the 16 from online.

My Wife will wear the 18.
It’s rained again today.

Wednesday – laundry day today because I was sick on Monday and didn’t get much done and had to go out yesterday morning so didn’t get it done then either.

Got to do some work out in the garden for a while this morning before the rain came back in, so I enjoyed that a lot!

The sun came back out in the afternoon, so I did some repotting.

I’ve been trying to mix up my fluid intake a bit over the last couple of days trying different shakes or cordials or whatever, but at the moment nothing is really sitting very well, it all taste like shit to be honest and it’s making it quite hard to stay hydrated at least to stay as hydrated as I should.

I’m managing between a litre and 1 1/2 L a day – not a lot really – certainly not nearly enough especially with having been sick twice.
Diarrhoea for eight days, and then a snotty runny nose for the last week.

Friend came to share a takeaway dinner today.
She and I are both still a bit sick so it works better if we have dinner here.

Thursday – early visit from the local NBN guy as our internet has been on the fritz dropping out intermittently for the last 2 months.

News: drank tea!
Its the first time I’ve been able to drink Tea – and enjoy it – since my op.
Soooo very happy to have this option back in my life!

Spent all morning editing graphics on the laptop.
Sun came out for a while around lunchtime! Blissssss.

Trip to town in the afternoon to drop off some books I’ve sold, and to collect an online grocery order.

Friday – civil engineer here to do drainage works.
Decluttered inside.

Saturday – drainage works completed.
Mowed houseyard.
Cleaned up houseyard gardens and did some pruning.

Sunday – had lunch up at the lookout hill then went for a big long drive all around the tablelands in our bus. Drizzled

Monday – went in to town to have a test drive with my Wife, of one of the new mahindra utes.
Made protein balls out of cream cheese when I got home.
Intermittent sunshine – but not a lot.

Tuesday – our garden guy came over for a coffee and to work out our next plan of attack in the Farm.
We ended up talking for a bout an hour and a half, then went for a Farm wander.
Of course it rained while we were out walking about!

We to town and collected two parcels, and got some food for the animals.

Wednesday – early trip to the next town over as I had to get some parts that aren’t stocked anywhere in our town.
Spent the majority of the rest of the day doing some research on a job I want to do in our bus.

Thursday – decided to go back to the next town over again today as my head wasn’t in the game yesterday and I forgot to do a few things.
Headed back home around lunchtime and I’d got some cheese and crackers at the grocery store, so I ate a few of those on the drive home.

In the afternoon I went to bunnings and got a few things that I need to be able to do the carpet on the inside roof of the bus.

This is the first day I don’t feel like my cold has been overshadowing everything.
Still waking with a snotty nose but other than that, doing ok.

Today I also noticed that I my tailbone is quite prominent when I’m sitting – which is especially noticeable on the loo!
Weird things you notice when you lose weight…

Friday – worked in the bus.
Skipped having lunch with the ex-coworkers as I had some visitors turn up, and I also wanted to keep going on the bus.
I think the worst of my cold is finally over.

Saturday – blogged in the morning, then caught up on some YouTube in the afternoon.

Sunday – weeded and organised the new garden beds we’ve made.
Went to town to pick up some keys for work.

Weight-loss to date: 23.7 kg

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