PO – Week 16/17

Its been a fortnight since I last wrote…

I figure that I am now at the point in this adventure that things will mostly be fairly ‘normal’ each week – so I may end up posting monthly soon, but we’ll see how the next while goes and decide from there.

Weeks 16 and 17 post-op.  

Dinners in the last 2 weeks: 

Monday – enchiladas
Tuesday – yoghurt
Wednesday – crumbed steak + tomato
Thursday – satay
Friday – pizza topping
Saturday – cheese and cracker nibbles
Sunday – pizza at il forno

Monday – pie mince
Tuesday – frittata
Wednesday – chicken rissoles and mac
Thursday – fish pie
Friday – lamb and rice
Saturday – leftover fish pie and mince
Sunday – nachos


Rain in the last 2 weeks: 61 mm

Monday – canned some beef mince.
Cooked dog food.
Did laundry, tidied up the house.
Still have diarrhoea. 

Tuesday – Garden guy came today.
I did some weeding and garden tidying while he was doing his work.
Feeling quite weak and foggy.
Didn’t do well with hydrating today – less than a litre.
Still have diarrhoea.

Wednesday – raining and quite cold – wearing long sleeves and long pants.
Day 8 of diarrhoea – I’m dehydrated, foggy-headed and exhausted.

Thursday – Woke up with a corked shoulder from sleeping in the same position for too long because I was so exhausted.
Went for a run to town to grocery shop and collect my Formulite bars parcel from the post office, plus my blankie and MKN book.
Our eldest Daughter has come to stay for two nights.

Friday – did the laundry.
Packed for our trip away.
Shoulder made sleeping very difficult overnight – a lot of pain.

Saturday – ended up at Emergency Room at our local hospital overnight, with the pain from my arm and shoulder.
Apparently a pinched nerve.
Glad its not a DVT!
Given oxycodone and sent home.
Woke up in a lot less pain.
Heading away to Palm Cove in the bus for two nights.
Dropped the dogs a the kennels on the way.
Lunch at the surf club, and had a dinner of cheese and crackers in our bus-side gazebo.

Sunday – spent the day relaxing and reading and had lunch at the surf club.
A lovely gentle day.
Went out for dinner to our favourite pizza restaurant.

Monday – back home from being away for two nights.
Did a bit of shopping in the city before we stopped off on the way home to collect the dogs from the kennels.
Both pretty tired, so we all (including the animals) had an early night.

Tuesday – the day for the usual Monday chores – being that we weren’t here on Monday.
Laundry, cooking the animals food for the week, housekeeping and cleaning.

Wednesday – garden guy came today and mowed, snipped and poisoned as I didn’t get to it due to being away.
Its great to have him to fall back on instead of getting stressed about all the jobs I can’t get done!

Thursday – our youngest granddaughters first birthday.
Grocery shopped and went to Bunnings.
Did some canning – turkey mince.
Sewed a curtain for the bus.
Called our internet provider as we’ve been having drop-outs for about 7 weeks now.

Friday – cooking, nap, house-cleaning.
Internet provider is going to send a tech next week, as it may be an issue with the non box.
I ended up vomiting up the land and rice as it just didn’t agree with my tummy and was waaaay too heavy.

Saturday – the rain has come back in, so it’s cold and wet.
did laundry, wrote a blog post for another blog.
Watched some tele.

Sunday- into bunnings to get some fencing supplies.
Another rainy day.
We ended up taking the bus out to the Lake and my Wife napped while I read for a few hours.
Getting a scratchy throat I think – dammit!

Weight-loss to date: 22.2 kg

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