PO – 9.5mths

Weight loss to date: 31.3kg

In addition to the dinners I list, the regular dietary intake for me at present is this:

on waking – I can’t drink the coffee I used to any more as it makes me feel sick, so I have a strained laksa cuppa-soup (no noodles) with protein powder and benefiber added.
breakfast – yoghurt, fruit and muesli
lunch – either cheese and crackers or occasionally some leftovers, or the same as I have for breakfast.
snacks – I have 2 formulite shakes a day, around morning and afternoon tea time.
At the end of the day I have a high protein muesli, nut or formulite bar.
drinks – I can also no longer drink plain water, it makes me feel icky and feels very ‘heavy’, so I drink dietrite cordial throughout the day and always have an iced drink-bottle of it by my side.

Monday – enchilada
Tuesday – frittata
Wednesday – mush & lentil lasagne
Thursday – salmon and garlic smash
Friday – pie
Saturday – spag bol mince
Sunday – kale and quinoa soup

Monday – stoup (this is a thick stew-type soup)
Tuesday – stoup
Wednesday – thai veg curry
Thursday – yoghurt, fruit, mueslie
Friday – bacon and egg
Saturday – fish and rice
Sunday – pork goyza

Monday – scramblers
Tuesday – soup
Wednesday – dinner out
Thursday – soup
Friday – soup
Saturday – yoghurt & muesli
Sunday – cottage pie

Monday – bog
Tuesday – tato carne
Wednesday – pesto chicken
Thursday – soup
Friday – soup
Saturday – cheese & biks
Sunday – mash


Monday – I’m even sick of myself by this point.
Collected a groceries, gardening.
Not much else.
Emails with surgeons staff who want me to have an appointment, but there is no point as there is nothing to review / update, and I still don’t have a date for my hernia and gallbladder operation.

Tuesday – worked in the bus, did laundry, cooked chook food.

Wednesday – gardening, town run, cleaned car.
Very hot day.

Thursday – went to the next town over for a shopping trip with my friend L.
Sushi for lunch.
Only had one bite that had a little rice in it, but I’m not in a rush to try it again any time soon.
Cooked dog food.

Friday – my friend L came for coffee.
Recycles to dump.
Worked in bus.

Saturday – finished ceiling in the bus.

Sunday – took the bus for a drive.

Monday – had a visit from a friend G.
Sewed curtains.

Tuesday – Grocery order done, which I picked up mid-afternoon.
Gardening, Laundry.

Wednesday – took the bus for a drive
over 55s social group again

Thursday – Cooking, gardening.

Friday – groceries and nursery shopping.
Went to vinnies and got some pj pants and a couple of jars.
Fires close by threatening houses.

Saturday – big gardening day.
Have had to start watering again.

Sunday – drove 90mins south in the bus, to the coast.
lunch at one of the hotels – ‘topper’ of grilled chicken with some pepper sauce, and it was quite lovely.
Grocery shopped.

Monday – big morning in the garden.
Cooked dog food.

Tuesday – quiet day at home – teeth at denture tech.

Wednesday – dental extraction and denture back.
Out to dinner.

Thursday – all day with friend L while her car was in for repairs.

Friday – eldest dog to vet.
I spent most of the day in the garden, cleaning old plants out of one of the big veg garden beds as well as Gardening all day.

Saturday – Gardening, laundry.

Sunday – morning gardening, lazy afternoon.
Grocery shopping.

Monday – bus for a drive.
laundry and some garden work in the afternoon.

Tuesday – took my friend L for a drive in the bus to the next town to buy a birthday present for my Love.
Quiet afternoon.

Wednesday – garden guy came this morning and whippersnipped.
Nursery visit.
L came for a cuppa.
Still no rain.

Thursday – Planted squash
Cooked animal food.
Going to the movie theatre in the next town tonight.

Friday – movie was good.
Fertilised plants, mowed driveway, did laundry, poisoned.
Decluttered and watered.

Saturday – my Loves birthday.

Sunday – cooked animal food.
Grocery shopped.
Pretty lazy day!!

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