PO – 10.5mths

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I am able to eat more, and that I am once again experiencing ‘hunger’.
Part of me wishes this wasn’t happening quite yet, but I have had a good run of being able to learn more about my body, so I need to not be annoyed by it!

High protein foods quickly fill me up still, and by choice I am still having two protein shakes a day.

I am choosing to weigh myself only every couple of weeks now, as it makes me anxious, and I dont see that helping me in the long run.
I figure as long as I’m keeping the occasional eye on it to keep me heading in the right direction, and motivated to ‘work the programme’, them that’s fine.


Monday – chicken strog w konjac penne
Tuesday – soup + yoghurt
Wednesday – soup
Thursday – stir fry
Friday – quiche
Saturday – cottage pie
Sunday – soup

Monday – b + e
Tuesday – chicken rissole
Wednesday – cr steak & chips
Thursday – soup
Friday – vegie lasagne
Saturday – pizza
Sunday – cheese & crackers

Monday – ¼ sausage sandwich
Tuesday – cheese and crackers
Wednesday – soup
Thursday – quiche
Friday – cheese and crackers and yoghurt
Saturday – curry
Sunday – pie

Monday – fishcake and chips
Tuesday – lamb mince kebab
Wednesday – kebab
Thursday – b&e
Friday – soup
Saturday – sticky date
Sunday – soup


Monday – laundry, sheets changed, watered big veg bed, did web work.
Had chicken strog w konjac noodles for dinner.
Didn’t eat too much ‘just in case’.
Good call as I ended up vomiting.
Did the grocery order for pickup tomorrow.

Tuesday – collected the grocery order, and got a couple of pairs of shorts from Big W.
Did more web work.
Watered a lot of the gardens and trees.

Wednesday – went down the hill today to drop a friend off at the airport.
Did some watering and some writing when I got home.

Thursday – worked in the garden.

Friday -blogging and the laundry.

Saturday – quite a busy day.
Early grocery shopping, some work on the bus toilet, then water and moving about and repotting some pot plants.

Sunday – mostly a lazy day of very little getting done.

Monday – visited a friend in the morning, then post weekend cleanup.
Storm this evening.

Tuesday – Grocery shopped.
Cooked and did laundry.
Collected Formulite from the post office.

Wednesday – worked in the garden some, installed shelf the bus, and prepped for our trip away.

Thursday – Friend and I went shopping in the next town over.

Friday – spent all day getting myself and the bus ready to go away.

Saturday – packed up the bus, then headed off to the kennels and on our trip away.
Pizza from the site cafe for dinner.

Sunday – we both slept quite well.
Went to the markets.
Swam, read and swam some more.
Dinner – home-made charcuterie board.

Monday – Stinking hot, back in the pool before it had even hit 9:30am.
Lunch at a pub, then back to the pool.

Tuesday – much the same as yesterday.

Wednesday – heading home.
Im in a shit mood.
Collected the dogs.
Mowed the house yard.

Thursday – drove down the hill with my friend L.She had appointments and I had the Dietician.
Dietician was encouraging as always, and made all the right noises – but in all honestly didn’t have anything much to contribute to what I am already doing.
I feel like these days she has become more of a ‘cheer-leader’ than a resource and whilst that’s incredibly useful for some, it feels a bit hollow for me…

I think that unless something goes haywire, that I probably won’t keep going back, as the costs have gone from $90 per visit to $125 per visit in under six months.

Friday – another busy day today.
Cyclone off the east coast of Australia – tracking toward us.
It’s a bit earlier than usual this year, so we need to get a wriggle on and get stuff done.
Now in ‘cyclone prep’ mode.

Saturday – ducked into town to get an anniversary pressie for my love as it’s on Monday.
10yrs since our new zealand wedding.
Spent the day doing cyclone prep.

Sunday – a productive kitchen day with the defrosting of some foods I’ve been going to can.

Monday – another busy day.
Collected grocery order, then canning salsa / pasta sauce.

Tuesday – laundry, cooking, cleaning and cyclone prep.

Wednesday – Other than the usual household chores, not a lot to be done other than a lot of sitting around, reading, scrolling, singing, chair dancing and just generally waiting for the wind, rain and cyclone to do its thing and pass on by.

Thursday – cyclone Jasper crossed the coast yesterday evening and other than very gusty winds and ceaseless rain, we’ve been incredibly lucky!

Friday – a very quiet mostly indoor day with the pelting rain continuing.

Saturday – more downpour.
Lots of catastrophic flooding, especially down the hill in the city.

Sunday – another day of more rain and not too much getting done.
All the ranges and highways to our area are closed with trees down and major land slides.
Counting our blessings…

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