PO – 8.5mths

Another month seems to have flown by, and while right this very minute I am in the grips of a bit of a season of “blah” – I shall keep going with updating this, even though I’m not sure its of any use to anyone but me, and then only for my posterity purposes!


Monday – enchilada
Tuesday – green chicken curry
Wednesday – chicken bites and projector
Thursday – pie
Friday – yoghurt and muesli
Saturday – yoghurt and muesli
Sunday – chicken bites and projellyo

Monday – chicken bites and projellyo
Tuesday – chicken bites and projellyo
Wednesday – slaw
Thursday – bog mince
Friday – mash
Saturday – nachos
Sunday – soup

Monday – stoup
Tuesday – shepherds pie
Wednesday – enchilada
Thursday – dinner out (sml calamari, too oily.)
Friday – shepherds pie
Saturday – pepper soup
Sunday – chicken and veg soup

Monday – stoup
Tuesday – kale and quinoa soup
Wednesday – soup
Thursday – stir fry
Friday – cottage pie
Saturday – quinoa soup
Sunday – mexi soup


Monday – cold rainy blustery day.
Did laundry.
Blog posts and web-work.

Tuesday – my birthday.
Dog to the vet
Quiet day.

Wednesday – trip to town to renew my drivers licence.
Worked in the bus.
Mowed .

Thursday – bought new bras.
I have gone from being a 22-24 DD/E to a 14G!!  #MindBlown
Inside cleaning

Friday – ordered groceries but the order was cancelled.
Organised the bus a bit ready for our weekend away.

Saturday – packed the bus, dropped dogs to kennels, drove to Port Douglas.
Spent the afternoon relaxing

Sunday – 7:30 rise.
Walked approx 1.5km to the Markets.
Pub for lunch – I had a $4 slaw side – lovely!
New pj pants – they’re a 14!!!

Monday – a quiet day reading and just relaxing.

Tuesday – packed up and headed home.
Collected dogs from the kennels.

Wednesday – early start in the garden moving mulch.
Afternoon: dishes, cleaning out the fridge, tidying, folding and precooking tonight’s dinner.

Thursday – town run for new work shirts. I’ve gone from a mens 4XL to a women’s 16!!
My friend came for a cuppa late afternoon.

Friday – huuuuuge day!
Early grocery order for pickup mid morning.
Learning around our home – externally. (snake season has arrived!)

Saturday – a very quiet day spent mostly inside.

Sunday – cold windy and wet morning.
Made spelt waffles. Could only eat a half with some maple syrup on, but it was delicious and didn’t make me feel ick.
Quiet afternoon, watched tele.

Monday – another cold rainy day.
Did some garden work
Lunch with an old school friend.

Tuesday – quiet day.
Did some computer work, canned some pickled radish and made a satay.
Vacuumed the house, and did a couple of rounds of dishes.

Wednesday – planted kale and basil.
Watered gardens.
Mowed the houseyard again.

Thursday – did grocery order.
Planted some seedlings in the big garden.
Out for dinner – had calamari but it was oily and didn’t sit well.

Friday – wood-chip delivered.
Planted a frangipani.
Did laundry.

Saturday – a blah day.
Anticipatory anxiety I think.
Cleaned bedroom wall, ceiling fans and crockery shelving.

Sunday – drove to the city to visit with our youngest daughter and her Fam.

Monday – home duties day today.
Cooked: chook food, dog meat, and poached some chicken breasts.
Did laundry and some watering.
Friend visited for a cuppa.

Tuesday – gardening

Wednesday – tried a new social club – unsure about that!
Texted a lot w my sister.

Thursday – grocery order.
Worked on the bus.
Finished mowing.

Friday – laundry
Worked on the bus

Saturday – meh
Worked on the bus
Just meh

Sunday – still meh.
Nothing specific / just meh.

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