Post Op – D16

Day 16 post-op.

Dinner last night: mashed egg on a cruskit.

Rain: 7

I only ate half of my dinner last night which was one mashed egg on one cruskit, but by halfway through I was starting to feel quite nauseous so stopped.
It took almost an hour for the nausea and mild ‘foamies’ to settle, but I managed not to vomit so I reckon that’s a win.

I had the other half of the egg just by itself for breakfast this morning, and it went down fine and stayed down fine.
For lunch I tried half a Weet-Bix with milk, and that settled on my tummy fine as well.
Maybe I’m making progress after all!

Not long after I came out of hospital I put a call-out online to see if I could get some help around our Farm.
A lady contacted me saying that her husband was looking for a change of scenery, and that he might be interested and would it be okay if she spoke to him about it?
I agreed that it would be, particularly when I realised that it was the woman that I used to work with and whom I had quite liked.
They were supposed to come over today for a meet and greet, but of course the rain has put the kibosh on that again, so we’re hoping that maybe Friday will be the day.

I did some more work in the gardens weeding this morning, but again I’ve had a bit of a slow day.
I even actually went for a nap just after lunch!
I lay down to read for a little bit and relax – and the next thing I knew I was overcome with exhaustion – so I decided a sleep was definitely in order.

I took a drive to the dump this morning with my gorgeous loyal Puppa (dog) and we emptied out the recycle bins and then came home.
Tomorrow I’m hoping I can get to doing the vegetable garden whipper-snipping – at least around the edges, so that it looks a little less feral.

As I sit and write this looking out my dining room window, I can see an enormous white cockatoo in our passionfruit vine and he keeps stealing our fruit.
He’s driving me a little bit crazy but I’m managing to get the odd piece d fruit to bring inside for us as well, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

From where I’m sitting I can also see the snake-beans have grown lots and lots of pods whilst Ive been out of action, and some of them are already drying out; so I had best make a note to try and collect some those tomorrow too so that I can seed-save for future growing seasons.

We’ve had such a strange summer … so much of it has been wet and overcast and I have the feeling that when the sun finally does come back again properly, it’s probably going to already be Autumn.

And in final news that was really lovely to hear this morning: 
my Wife asked me if I felt like I was losing weight – I told her that I did, and that certain things are becoming easier for me to do now as well, and she said to me:
I really notice the difference when I rub your back in the mornings, that’s where I’m feeling it the most so far.
It was just a really sweet moment… ?

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