Post Op – D17

Day 17 post-op.

Dinner last night: creamed rice, custard and jelly.

Rain: 4

I know it might sound a bit dramatic but to be honest, at the moment the way that I pass my days is just concentrating on trying to get food and fluid into myself.
If I get some chores done or some gardening done – then I figure thats a win – anything I get done outside of the hydration and nutrition is a bonus.

Last night after dinner when I was sitting on the couch I started to get a really bad stomach pains under my left ribs.
It felt like my stomach was twisting or pulling somehow and each time I tried to get up, it hurt more.
I have no idea what was going on, but it seemed to have disappeared by morning thank goodness!

I had some creamed rice for breakfast – which sat well – and then spent most of the morning doing the computer work of scheduling social media posts for the next month.
My brother also called to check in with how my recovery is going, which was lovely.

So far the Summer (dec-feb) rains have totalled 1168mm (approx 46”), and we’ve still got 5 days left!
That’s a lot of days of rain, and a lot of days without sunshine – and I’m putting my hands up and admitting that its reallllly starting to get to me quite a bit, and I can feel my mental health taking a bit of a nose-dive.

Even though I know what’s causing the ’sads’, it doesn’t make it any easier to deal with.
Its not like I can somehow fix it!
I can’t walk outside and yell “oi, Sun – get your ass out here!” and have it suddenly appear at my command!

Well … I can go out and yell, but it won’t make a slight bit of difference – other than the fact that it will reinforce to the neighbours that I am as nutty as they probably already think I am… ??

I did a click & collect grocery order today also, which I will pick up when I go to have brunch with the ex-work folks tomorrow.
Hopefully tomorrow my potential new garden-helper will also turn up for the meet and greet.
Fingers crossed, I need help out there…

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