Post Op – D14

Day 14 post-op.

Dinner last night: soup.

Rain: 2.5

Two whole weeks post op.
Its feels like both ages, and the blink of an eye all at the same time…

Part of me feels no different than I did the morning before I went into Theatre.
Another part of me feels like the world and my place in it, is a totally different beast now.
Its a very difficult thing to explain.
I’ll have to ruminate on that a little more to be able to give it words I think…

I belong to a couple of online forums for wls support and I often find posts on there that infuriate me with their ‘stupidity’ or their lack of research and I truly do realise that that’s a privileged intolerance of mine, and I’m not proud of it – but it’s there.

Anyways – one type of post regularly makes me feel empathetic however.
It’s those people who are only a couple of months post-op and are not feeling a lot of restriction, or who are able to eat most things without feeling unwell, and those people are scared of regaining all of the weight they have lost to date; and I’ve gotta say I can definitely relate here!!

I am only two weeks post-op and I’m already scared that I will fall back into the patterns that I had prior to the surgery and I’m terrified of having wasted so much freakin’ money!!

I just have to keep reminding myself to trust the process, and to regularly have an honest review of how I’m tracking not just week to week, but day to day – and make the necessary changes that are needed to make this life-choice the success it can be.

The rain held off again for most of the day today, so I’ve been out tidying up some small neglected areas of the garden, as best as I am able at the moment.
It’s been lovely.

And in news that deserves to be broadcast far and wide:
– – – my car is finallllly back home with me.

The mechanic got his lackey to drop it off at the Farm mid-afternoon, but didn’t show his own face!
Of course a bill for almost $1500 came with said lackey.
Not a bad sting for a car that he said was ok to drive when I went to him with my concern about the noise it was making!!

The sad thing is though, that this mechanic is the son of a once dear friend of mine – and someone whose business I have supported from the very day it opened, and regularly spruiked it as the place to go – but I won’t be doing that anymore though, and I won’t ever be going back there again.

This was strike 4.
(shame on me…)

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