Post Op – D13

Day 13 post-op.

Dinner last night: purée mince and a soft cheese triangle.

Rain: 17

Last night for dinner I had some puréed mince with a soft cheese topping, and it went down really quite well.
¾ of an hour later I had a weis bar, just to try to top up my fluids for the day, as I hadn’t peed all afternoon.
Not ideal nutritionally, but at this point “fluids is fluids”!!

Today my darling Wife took us for a drive to one of the nearby towns, to hopefully get out of the rain for a while.
It worked!

I’ve had cabin fever a bit the last few days, so it was really good to get out.

We got to go to the nursery and buy a raft of seedlings, and I finally managed to get the deep-sounding wind chimes I’ve been looking for, for years.
Now lets hope I can manage to get out into the garden and plant them before they curl up and die!

We went to both of the hardware stores as well and just dithered around in general.
It was lovely.

On the way home we got KFC for my Wife, and I had a small mashed potato and gravy.
It was pretty good, and I got through most of it, only leaving about a teaspoon, so I guess I ate about 100g.

It was only tonight when I was checking in on some dates of things, that I realised that I’m only two weeks post op tomorrow!
I know its at the top of each post, but that part of the writing is usually done on auto-pilot, and somehow I had added a week and thought I was coming up to three weeks post op.
No idea how.

On matters of ‘diet’:
I am already having some difficulty with working out the timing of eating and drinking now that more solid foods are being introduced to my diet.

I’m supposed to wait 15 minutes after I have a drink before I have each meal, and to wait half an hour after each meal before I have my next drink.
This was obviously not applicable during the fluids stage as I was what was on what was called ‘free fluids’, which means I could drink as much as I can possibly drink at any point in the day; so its proving a little difficult for my personal part of the journey, due to the difficulty I’m having in finding fluids that I am able to tolerate in large amounts.

My back is aching this evening…
I think its probably from walking about so much today, and also the fact that my weight distribution is changing (basically) on the daily, and that as a result I expect that I am using my muscles differently to balance my body when I move, and some of them aren’t as used to that as others – and are having a bit of a whinge.

Get used to it muscles!
We’re gonna be moving a lot more as time goes by and the weight slows goes down.

And you know what?
I’m very ready for that!!

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