Post Op – D12

Day 12 post-op.

Dinner last night: Custard + Jelly


Rain: 8 (that’s 100 in 3 days)

This morning, I blended up a small can of tuna and put some on half a cruskit, which I sat down and ate very veryyyy slowly.
I plan to eat some more when my Wife comes home for lunch, so by then I should know how the first half went.

Less than 72 hours postop while I was still in hospital I received an email from my Doctors receptionist asking if I would prefer to change my next appointment to a Telehealth appointment in March for my post-op review – rather than travelling down to the city and seeing him in the office – which wasn’t going to be until April.

In my post-op fog, I just agreed.
However since then, its been niggling at me more and more…

The thing that is most irritating me, is that I was told that there would be no time given for the appointment, and that the call would come at any time though the designated day, as it was being “slotted in between other patients”.

Well call me uppity – but I feel it is extremely inappropriate to expect a Client to metaphorically hang around all day waiting for the phone to ring!

What if I’m in the middle of the grocery shopping?
What if I’m in the middle of meeting with my own Client?
There are a vast array of things that I might be in the midst of when the call came, that it would not be appropriate to just drop or walk out of.

The more I thought about it the angrier I became, so this morning I sent an email to the Receptionist requesting that she speak with the Surgeon and narrow the call time down to a less than 90 minute window.
I think this only fair!

Now we wait and see just what sort of response I get…

Today has been a bit of an emotionally fragile day.
When I got home from hospital I was gifted a ‘recovery present’ from one of the very few people that knows I am going through this process; and someone who is very very special to me. (not my Wife)
The gift was so incredibly un-considered, that it really really hurt.
Whilst my head knows I should be grateful for the thought – my heart is feeling pretty wounded right now.. 😢

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