PO – Week 9

Week 9 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – fish stirfry
Tuesday – leftovers of fish stirfry
Wednesday – mash and gravy
Thursday – butter chicken
Friday – beef nachos
Saturday – quiche
Sunday – beef pie


Rain in the last week: 72.5mm

Monday – I emailed the Surgeons Receptionist to get the forms I need to have the tests required to investigate my pain.
Initially she only sent through the ultrasound scan to have a look a the liver lesions that he saw during surgery, so I replied and asked for the extra forms required to investigate the actual pain.

Tuesday – we had to go down the hill to the City to do a few errands, as well as having lunch with a friend who was in the City from down south, for work.
We also had to pick up my glasses that I ordered a couple of weeks ago, plus the two tubs of Formulite shakes from the Dieticians offices.

Wednesday – I had to go in and do a collection at the bank, so I combined it with dropping off a book I had sold, getting some more soluble fibre and some kiwifruit (apparently this is the best solution to my clunky bowels according to the Dietician) and also went to the post office and collected the mail and a parcel.
Still nothing from the Surgeon.

Thursday: pre-weekend grocery shop.
Cooked a dozen eggs for the animals dinners over the coming few days.
Cooked a weeks worth of chook food.
A friend visited for a cuppa and catchup.

Friday – public holiday.
Wife home from work.
Made a new garden bed out of some old ones.
Our garden guy came and did some weeding and mulching.
Had a huge storm in the afternoon.

Saturday – Wife worked in the morning and I spent time reading and making animal food.
Side is still sore and I rang to make an appointment at the Clinic this moring thinking it would be open for emergencies – it wasn’t.
Not sure whether to go to ER or not as yet..
Feeling a bit like a fraud cos I’m not in screaming agony, but would rather not reach that point, and I’m scared that that might happen.
Mowed the house-yard and paddock in the afternoon.

Sunday – we went out to the Cafe at the top of the range to have breakfast this morning.
I made the stupid mistake of having a sip of my Wife’s coffee which then made me feel sick, so I didn’t have much.
We’d planned to share the breakfast again anyways, but I ate even less than usual.
A piece of toast about 5cm square that I cut the crust off, a piece of bacon about 3cm x 1 cm, and a broken off corner of her hash-brown.
I also put three mushrooms on my plate, but they were stone cold, and I just can’t stomach cold mushrooms.

Weight-loss to date: 17.1kg

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