PO – Week 8

Week 8 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – we both had Shepherds Pie. I managed 6 level teaspoons.
Tuesday – we went out to a work dinner and I had a very small part of my Wifes meal which was Barra & Prawns.
Wednesday – my wife had takeaway Sweet & Sour Pork w Fried Rice. I had custard and protein dessert.
Thursday – Satay Chicken. I had mine w konjac rice.
Friday – quiche
Saturday – Blueberry chobani for me.
Sunday – goyza


Rain in the last week: 28mm

Weight-loss to date: 16.2kg

This is my first weekly post, so it will incorporate the things that I have been doing this week, and also any things that I have noticed regarding my weight, or weight-loss.

I have already written about last Monday in the previous post, but that was the day that I had the Telehealth appointment with my Surgeon.
I will be following back up with him in 6 weeks, after having some further testing to see if we can find some answers around the pain in my upper left quadrant, and also to investigate the liver lesions he saw during surgery.

Back around a week and a half ago, I somehow hurt my knee, which I think was caused by my foot doing a forward slip on a piece of mossy wood during the rain last Friday.

It has steadily worsened as time has rolled on, even though I have been trying to rest it somewhat – so on Tuesday I ended up making an appointment to see the Physio that same day.
She has recommended some exercises for me to help strengthen my legs, so I’ll definitely be doing those as I feel I need much more stability in that area.

That was also the day that our garden-guy came and did some whipper-snipping and general tidying up around the property.

Tuesday was also my sisters birthday – so I had a call with her.

We had to go out for a work dinner that night – which I thought was going to be a little awkward as I was going to eat off my Wife’s plate – but which turned out to now be too bad at all and was made significantly better by my Wifes Boss being preemptively warned about what we had planned, and she assisted in making it a non-issue.

In what was a nice surprise – my Dietician emailed me to check in on how the followup with the Surgeon went. That was appreciated!

Wednesday was a quiet day mostly catching up on computer work and writing articles for other blogs.
In the afternoon I had hoped to can some more Turkey Mince, but the supermarket hadn’t got more in stock yet.

Thursday I went into town and got a few protein groceries, then went to the hardware store and the post office.
My friend L came over for a coffee and catchup when I got home, and we spent a lovely hour or so chatting happily.

Friday I had to go and see the irrigation company in one of the neighbouring towns.
I was about to go in when I got a sudden attack of the stabbing twisting pain under my left ribs.
I waited a little bit until it eased, then went in.

Not long through our consult though, I was in agony and finding it very difficult to not be obvious about just how bloody painful it was.

Back into the car and I decided that the best course of action was to go straight home, which I did.
I let my Wife know via text that I was having some serious pain, and told her that I was going to go and have a lie down – just so that she knew – in case I decided that I needed to go to the hospital.

I woke an hour and a half later, and everything was mostly back to normal, just the occasional twinge and niggle.
Its seems to worsen if I am sitting in the car driving – I think! – could be coincidental today…

We had a storm come though in the afternoon.

Saturday – mowing day and planting seedlings of capsicum, spinach and a zucchini.
I had company not only from my dog, but also from our Farm python Antonio.
He was playing in to compost bin this morning – probably looking for mice – which didn’t make my dog very happy, because she thinks catching mice is her job!
In the afternoon I canned some more turkey mince, and mowed the house yard.

Around 8pm, under my left ribs was in agony, so I ended up having to go lie down for a while.
I lay on my left side, and it settled quite quickly.
It’s probably the most pain I’ve been in with it.

Sunday – I went to an early appointment with my Wife so we could get a few groceries for the lunchtime bbq we were invited to.
We took a salad as requested by the hosts, and I packed a small bento with a few nibbles in for myself, in case there wasn’t anything there I can eat.
I ended up having half a chicken and turkey rissole, and some of the nibbles that I had bought with me.
Still a bit sore today, but not as bad as last night.

We had. big storm with thunder and lightening in the late afternoon.

I tried a bit of plant-based keto ice-cream again last night, which I haven’t tried since I was about week 3.
Still gives me dumping ???? but in good news, it helped with the constipation that has plagued me on and off this week!

I also still haven’t received the testing paperwork from my surgeon, so will email the Receptionist about that.

In the last week I have been eating pretty much ‘normal foods’ I guess I’m still very picky though in staying within what I already know I am capable of eating, or things that are similar and that I don’t think will be too difficult to integrate.

There’s no food that I am missing too baby just yet.
I’d like a salad or a stir-fry, but both of those things are things that I maybe like because I feel ‘good’ about eating a lot of them – and that’s sure not the case these days!

Eight week Dietician appointment today, so we’ll see what comes from todays discussion.

See you in a week!

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