PO – Week 10

Week 10 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – mash & taco mince
Tuesday – bacon, egg and beans
Wednesday – out to dinner chicken & 4 chips
Thursday – crumbed steak with a slice of tomato
Friday – pesto chicken
Saturday – fish and chips
Sunday – pizza


Rain in the last week: 18mm

Monday – another public holiday – Easter Monday, so it was a quiet day spent together with my Wife.

Tuesday – uneventful.
Still nothing from the Surgeon!
Knee really hurting today.
Collected online grocery order.
Irrigation guy came and worked.

Wednesday – grumpily emailed the Surgeons receptionist again.
She again apologised on his behalf, again said she’d get back on to him.
I’ve booked my liver scan for 18/4 in our local town.
Earliest I could get in.
My knee is agony today and I’ve only slept a couple of hours overnight due to pain from both my belly and my knee, plus restless legs.
In a thoroughly shitful mood.

Thursday – we ended up going out to dinner last night and as usual I had a little bit off my Wifes plate.
Four chips and a small slice of chicken.
As it turned out, I must have eaten too much, as right after my last bite I felt like I was about to vomit, so I removed myself to the table and went to the bathroom.

Sure enough, as soon as I got in there – up came my dinner.
Thankfully it was a ‘quick and easy’ vomit.
I leant over, and out it poured.
Very strange.
Almost like tipping out a jug!
No discomfort or stomach spasms.

My knee was probably the worst it’s been when I woke this morning.
Physio visit was thankfully already booked for today.
I just don’t feel a lot of confidence in this new physio though…

However – I did get a referral emailed to me from my surgeons receptionist finally!!
Now to try and book and appointment!

Friday – had to go into town twice, because I took the bus for a drive and my scripts which I had gone in to get filled, were in the other car
Got ½ price chobani.
Mowed the house-yard.
Fell over and landed on both knees.

Saturday – went down to Palm Cove for a couple of days break.
We’ve been looking forward to it.
Finally managed to get some wicked sister protein vanilla pudding at one of the Coles we visited, that was exciting as I haven’t been able to get any for around a month now.
Lunch at the top pub – had two bites of my Wife chicken burger, and 3 chips.
It was nice to actually bite into a burger!
For dinner she wanted some fish and chips so I just had a little bit of that and a bit of a nut protein bar.
The batter was a bit fatty and I prob would have felt better in the tummy if I hadn’t eaten it, but that’s ok.

Sunday – we had breakfast at the local cafe on the corner.
My Wife ordered a big breakfast, so that I could have some of it which I did.
I had ½ an egg, a cherry tomato and ½ an eye of bacon.
It was yummy.
I topped up with a one-scoop shake when we got back to the room, just to make sure I’m getting my protein in.

Weight-loss to date: 17.9kg.

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