PO – Week 11

Week 11 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – ⅓ of a pie
Tuesday – chobani
Wednesday – sml chicken wing w 4 chips.
Thursday – frittata
Friday – fish taco
Saturday – salmon + mash
Sunday – ¼ of a pie


Rain: 41mm

Monday – had a vomit after a small portion of bacon and egg.
I’m now pretty sure it’s the heavy bread that’s doing it!
Had to retake my multivitamin, and I’m sure the vomits would have screwed with my fluid intake for the day!
Back home from our two nights away.
Was a nice break.

Tuesday – ultrasound scan in the morning for my liver lesions.
After a couple of questions from me, the sonographer admitted that I also had a lot of gallstones.
Lucky me!
Housework catchup day, and our garden guy came for 2 hours before the rain started.

Wednesday – worked most of the morning in the garden.
Sml tin of tuna for lunch.
Did a dump run for the recycles.
Foamies after dinner but managed to stave off the vomit.

Thursday – had to drive down to the city for a CT scan.
It ended up being a fairly ‘quick’ 4½ round trip.
I felt pretty icky when the contrast was injected, but was ok once I sat back up.

On the way back home, I stopped at the top of the hill to get a mini sausage roll.
The guy serving me thought it was very odd that I only wanted one!

Two bites later, i knew it was going to make a reappearance, so as soon as there was somewhere to pull over safely, I did – and sure enough, up came that second bite!

Continued the drive home and had to pull over again about 15mins later, for the first bite to also make it’s reappearance.
Maybe it was too oily, I don’t know – cos I sure chewed each of the bites til they were mush!
But then again – this new tummy doesn’t seem to like mush too much…

Friday – in to town early to collect groceries and garden stuff.
Weigh day.
Physio appt.
Broken car.

Saturday – Quiet day with squalls of rain

Sunday – worked in the vegie garden in the morning and then a quiet tv afternoon with super high winds.
Ended up having a spew after dinner – it just didn’t sit right – but I had also had a 400ml shake a couple of hours earlier, and it was the first time I had ever felt sick (nauseous) after a shake, so maybe the shake was still hanging around a bit too much in my belly…

Late in the evening I got an email from my Surgeon checking in on me, and saying that the liver lesions looked benign, and confirming what the sonographer has said about my having gallstones.
It was good to hear from him to be honest, as I’d been feeling a bit like a ‘number’ for a while there!

Weight-loss to date: 18.9 kg

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