PO – Week 14

Week 14 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – beef and pepper pie (filling)
Tuesday – frittata
Wednesday – chicken laksa
Thursday – fish and salad
Friday – laksa soup
Saturday – ham, egg and baked beans.
Sunday – turkey and bean nachos

Rain: 17mm

Monday – grocery shopped, cooked dog food, did laundry, watered big veg garden, cleaned.

Tuesday – spent almost all day cleaning out the first half of the plant nursery, so we can move it.

Wednesday – very chilly start to the morning, so spent most of it trying to get warm.
Also took the first cart of plants that I packed yesterday down to the new nursery site.
Readied the cart to be filled with soil later in the day to level the new nursery site.

Thursday – early morning trip to the mechanic to drop off the Mazda to finish the repairs that he ordered the parts for last week.
Went to the pharmacy and collected medications, and got a few things at the grocery store.
Bought a loaf of sourdough and tried a small bit (about ¼ of a slice) as I’ve heard its easier to tolerate than regular bread – it went well!
Also had a slice of real ham off the bone.
Bliss – haven’t had ham since Christmas last year.

As I get further along on this journey I don’t want to lapse back into bad habits of eating just for the sake of eating, and eating shit – just because I can!

I’m sure every last person says this…
And I’m sure that at times I will fail, but I try hope for myself that I can keep getting back on the wagon of good nutrition quickly, any time I do slip-up.

I want to keep reminding myself to make use of the formulite shakes and the fact that they are nutritionally balanced with excellent vitamin and mineral values.
To have either a later breakfast, or one that is on the smaller side and has a good protein portion.

Friday – cold and annoying rain. Did laundry. Bunnings run.

Saturday – had breakfast for early Mother’s Day with our friend C.
Another cold and rainy day.
Did some gardening and reading.
Later in the afternoon my Wife and I did some potting up until we ran out of potting mix.

Sunday – We went to mareeba for a drive to the nursery and hardware stores.
Had a picnic lunch in the park after getting some supplies at Coles.
Once home we did a little tv watching, then my Wife did the last of the planting in the #2 monument bed, and I started the paddock mow.

Weight-loss to date: 20.6kg

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