PO – Week 15

Week 15 post-op.

Better late than never eh?
I’ve been sick for almost a week now with diarrhoea – so I’m not feeling too fabulous.

Dinners in the last week:
Monday – pea and ham soup
Tuesday – yoghurt (the chicken I cooked for my wife didn’t feel good.)
Wednesday – salmon and mash
Thursday – pizza on the hill
Friday – yoghurt
Saturday – stir fry
Sunday – pie mince

Rain: 5mm

Monday – the usual post-weekend Monday!
Cooked dog food, sausages, chicken breasts and soup.
Did laundry, cleaned out the fridge, and tidied up the house.

Tuesday – started out with an interview with Hannah from ‘Good Times’ about their products and wanting my ideas and feedback.
Did some weeding and garden tidying and finished up a blog for another site.

Went and got some fuel for the mower and took back some glue I got last week that didn’t work, and bought another brand.

Wednesday – early morning loose bowels.
Wondering if it is the seed bar I had as my snack last night.
The day started overcast again.

Planted a couple of trees and mulched them.
Had tuna for lunch – vomited it back up.
The feeling of tuna chunks stuck in my neck where the hernia is was horrendous.

Thursday – early trip to the grocery store.
Picked up my Formulite parcel with 4 tubs in it.

My Wife spoilt me and got a pizza which we had up on the hill for dinner, in the bus.

Friday – Our poor surrogate daughter just keeps drowning under more and more shit.
Her uncle died this morning…

Had lunch with the ex-work crew.
No soup on the menu, so I got a hot choc on skim and a protein ball.

Only ate ⅛ of the ball and half the small drink.
Didn’t stay too long – just long enough to not be too rude.

Stopped at the second hand store on the way home.
Ended up with diarrhoea again when I got home.
Felt icky at dinner time, so just had yoghurt.

Saturday – couldn’t stomach breakfast so the dog got it.
Sunny again today – makes me feel better.
Sorting my goodies box for a trip away next weekend.
Protein, fibre, vitamins, soup, shaker and shakes, cordial, insulted shaker cup etc etc
I swear I take more with me now that when I had babies!

Sunday – we went to an out of town market this morning, then to one of the nurseries we haven’t been to in years, then to bunnings to get my Wife an extra garden bed.
The afternoon consisted of mostly watch a weightlifting comp our son was competing in.

I’ve mostly had diarrhoea for 5 days now, and feeling pretty nauseous when I do try to consume anything.

Other than that I feel mostly ok until about 5mins before the next bout arrives.

Makes it very difficult to eat anything of any substance, which just compounds the issue…

As the old saying goes: liquid in, liquid out!

Fingers crossed it doesn’t keep going for much longer as whilst I prefer it to vomiting – because at least my body has a chance a small chance to get some nutrients in on its way through – I’d rather just be able to eat small amounts as usual!

Weight-loss to date: 21.1 kg

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