PO – Week 13

Week 13 post-op.

Dinners in the last week:

Monday – vanilla protein pudding
Tuesday – bog mince
Wednesday – chicken chippies
Thursday – pumpkin and herb soup
Friday – crumbed steak and tomato
Saturday – meatballs and mac
Sunday – tatos and mince


Rain: 3mm

Monday – public holiday
Mowed and gardened.

Tuesday – trip to down the hill to the City.

Dietician visit:
am tracking well and won’t have another appointment – unless I request it – for another six months.
I don’t feel like I need her ‘support’ and knowledge-base at the moment, as I think I’ve got a pretty good handle on what I’m doing, so I feel like the money would be better spent elsewhere.

Surgeon visit:
following the ultrasound and ct that I had a little while back, we now know that I have a gallbladder full of stones, and a well developed hiatus hernia; which is what is aiding in me not always being able to swallow food properly, and which is why I find vomiting such a quick and simple process.

My surgeon has referred me to the public system (where he will also still be my surgeon) for further surgery to remove my gallbladder and repair my hernia.
Unsure as yet how long that will take, but will hopefully get it all done before I have any painful issues with the gallbladder in particular!

Wednesday – mammogram, inside housework and laundry.

Thursday – grocery shopped, had a visitor, mostly an inside day.

Friday – worked in the veg garden, weeded, watered and planted.
Was a ‘hair model’ for an apprentice (would not recommend!)

Saturday – early trip down the hill before work, to pick up our ‘fixed’ bus from the car yard.
Took a 400 shake and a bottle of prepped cordial with me.
Drank all of the shake by the time we got to the car yard.
Had a few slugs from the cordial bottle on the way home.
The bus drove like a dream on the way home.
Happy girl I am!

Sunday – some chores around the Farm during the morning, and then a trip out to the lake to have lunch, read a bit, and have a lie around in the bus just enjoying actually being able to be in it and going somewhere, and enjoying being beside the lake as well.

Weight-loss to date: 19.9kg
(its just taunting me! If I’d pooped, it would have been bloody 20!)

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